12 Best Cooking Classes in Osaka

Osaka Cooking Class : Sushi, Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki and more!

Delicious homemade Ramen noodle and Gyoza dumpling

Food is a top tourist attraction in Osaka, and Osaka’s signature dishes such as Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki have become popular worldwide today. If you are planning a trip to Osaka and wish to have a unique and delicious food experience, I’d highly recommend you join one of the Japanese cooking classes held at many locations in Osaka!

Cooking class has become a top activity among tourists today. It’s not only that you can taste authentic Japanese home-cooking dishes but also learn the skill of how to cook your favorite Japanese dishes, take secret recipes home, mingle with local teachers, and uniquely learn Japanese culture.

Cooking classes are suitable for all types of travelers including single, family, group, couple, kids, elders, etc, and now many cooking classes are Halal-, Vegan-, gluten-free-friendly. It’s also one of the best activities for a rainy day.

Instead of having ordinary dining experiences, why not join a cooking class and have more unique and quality time while traveling! In this article, I have listed the best cooking classes available in Osaka today! Let’s check them out 🙂

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1. Okonomiyaki Making

okonomiyaki class osaka
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Along with Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki is another significant dish from Osaka that is popular worldwide. Okonomiyaki is a popular home-cooking dish that can be made with simple ingredients and customized as you like ( with vegetables, seafood or meat). After cooking, enjoy it with a can of beer which is included with the price!

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2. Wagyu Roast Beef with Wasabi Sauce

Wagyu Beef Cooking Class Osaka
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Japan’s Wagyu beef is world-famous for its quality and taste. The most popular area for wagyu is Kobe, near Osaka. In this class you will be able to cook roast beef with wagyu beef in a Japanese style and enjoy it with other side dishes such as miso soup, Japanese rolled omelet, etc. A fun, original, and economical way to taste wagyu beef!

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3.  Healthy Ramen & Gyoza  (halal/vegan opt available)

Healthy Ramen & Gyoza  (halal/vegan opt available)
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Who said Ramen is unhealthy food?? Ramen (noodle dish) and Gyoza (dumpling)  could be healthy dishes when you cook at home! Make these two popular Japanese dishes with healthy ingredients based on the secret recipe by the local teacher. Vegetarian, Vegan and Halal options are also available!

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4. Miso Making Workshop

Miso is a traditional Japanese thick paste produced by fermenting soybeans, and it’s widely used in Japanese cuisine. From the classic simple but delicious miso soup, which serves as an accompaniment for all dishes, glazes, dressings and more. Lear here how to made your own miso from scratch so you can enjoy miso also back in your country! 

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5. Three types of sushi, Miso Soup, Japanese Sweets, and Matcha Class

Three types of sushi, Miso Soup, Japanese Sweets, and Matcha Class
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Have a quality experience at the “3 Types of sushi, Miso Soup, Japanese Sweets, and Matcha” cooking class, a little north of central Osaka! The class is held with a small group (no more than 6 participants) and allows guests to learn how to make 3 types of authentic Nigiri Sushi, Miso Soup, Japanese sweets, and matcha from scratch.

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6. Takoyaki Making

Takoyaki in home-cooking style
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Takoyaki (Octopus Ball) is the most famous local dish/street food from Osaka! Through the class, you can learn how to make Takoyaki from scratch based on the original recipe and the technique of shaping Takoyaki balls by the local home-cooking dish teacher. See the link below and find the best Takoyaki class in Osaka!

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7. Two kinds of Ramen and gyoza

Two kinds of Ramen and gyoza
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Join this immersive cooking class where you’ll craft two types of ramen (Soy Sauce and Homemade Miso), handmade gyoza, and seasonal Japanese sweets. Learn to make ramen from scratch with miso aged for 10 months and soy sauce ramen topped with cha-shu. Master the art of wrapping and cooking crispy gyoza with homemade skin. Experience the tradition of Japanese sweets by making wagashi, and conclude your session with a hands-on matcha tea ceremony. Halal and vegan options are available.

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8. Udon ,Tempura,Japanese sweets and Matcha(Tea ceremony)!

Udon ,Tempura,Japanese sweets and Matcha!
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This experience focuses on handmade udon noodles in Osaka! A great opportunity to learn the process of udon making with the chance to enjoy the delicious results. Located near Yotsubashi Station, the session includes guidance in English. It consists in a 2-hour class, suitable for all ages and skill levels, a hands-on opportunity to create chewier, fresher noodles compared to store-bought versions.

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9. Makanan Soba Party

Makanan Soba Party
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Along with Udon, Soba is another traditional and commonly eaten Japanese noodle dish, which is made with buckwheat flour. Book a study session at Nishinari, a unique town in Osaka. You will learn about soba and udon while tasting authentic handmade soba and udon!

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10. Bento Making and Tea Ceremony Experience

Bento Making and Tea Ceremony Experience
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Learn how to make a traditional “Makunouchi Bento” lunch with various basic ingredients. Then you will also have a traditional tea ceremony. Not only will you get to taste great matcha but also learn the steps and the flow of a Japanese tea ceremony!

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11. Tea Ceremony Experience (Urasenke)

Tea Ceremony Experience (Urasenke)
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Experience firsthand a Japanese-style tea ceremony with matcha and wagashi! You will learn how a traditional tea ceremony is done not only by experience but also by receiving an explanation beforehand so you’re aware of what every step of the ceremony means!

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12. Artistic Sushi Making Class

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Traditional Japanese cuisine values not only the taste and flavor but also the presentation and how the dishes look. You can learn the modern Japanese culinary arts through this artistic Sushi class by making cute and colorful photo-worthy Sushi dishes.

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