Best Biore Face Washes

Must-Buy Japanese Face Washes by Biore

Biore is a popular Japanese skin care brand that has fans across the world, offering a wide range of effective, quality and affordable daily skin care products including face wash, makeup remover, sunscreen and body wash.

The history of Biore all begun with face wash. Back in 1980, Biore released the first paste-type facial wash “Biore Face Wash” after spending 7 years of research, then the brand continued to develop a range of facial cleansers and has produced various skin care products based on the changing time and needs over 40 years.

In this article, I would like to introduce the great lineup of Biore’s face wash available today. If you are considering to try Biore face wash but don’t know which product to choose, this article could be a little help for your shopping 🙂 So let’s take a look at the best Biore Face Wash!

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-Biore Skin Care Facial Foam

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Biore Skin Care Facial Foam (ビオレ スキンケア洗顔料) is one of the top-selling facial cleansers in Japan, which was first released in 2011. It features Biore’s cleansing technology “SPT (Skin Purifying Technology)” which cleanses impurities and dirt without putting a burden on skin. It leaves the skin soft and moist, and even helps makeup to apply on smoothly.

Biore Skin Care Facial Foam is available with 5 variations that can be chosen according to skin types or concerns: Mild for moist and smooth skin (Blue), Deep Clean for oil control (Purple), Acne Care for preventing acne (Green), Rich Moisture for extra moist skin (Orange) and Scrub for pore minimizing (Pink).

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Moisture (Blue)/Oil Control (Purple)/Acne Care (Green)/Rich Moisture (Orange)/Scrub-in (Pink)

-Biore Marshmallow Whip

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Biore Marshmallow Whip (ビオレ マシュマロホイップ) is a self-foaming face wash which provides instant foam with one push. The marshmallow-like soft and bouncy foam covers the skin and gently washes away excess sebum and dirt. It features SPT (Skin Purifying Technology) that protects skin’s moisture barrier and leads to soft and supple skin. It’s easy to rinse off without greasy feeling.

2 types are currently available for different skin types: Moisture (Pink) for protecting the skin from damage and dryness, and Acne Care (Green) for acne care with anti-inflammatory ingredients.

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Moisture (Pink)/Acne Care (Green)

-Biore Ouchi de Esthe

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Biore Ouchi de Esthe (ビオレ おうちdeエステ) is a gel-type massaging facial cleanser. It features smooth, non-foaming gel formula that removes blackheads and impurities deep inside pores by massaging, makes pores less visible and leads to smooth looking skin. It’s suggested to use in a steamy bathroom where pores are open easily for a better result, but you can also use it in the morning for makeup to apply on better.

Ouchi de Esthe Massaging Face Wash Gel is available with two variations: For Oily Skin (Green) to unclog pores and removes impurities that can cause blackheads and skin dullness. For Dry Skin (Pink) to hydrate the deep layer of keratin to soften skin while removing impurities.

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For Oily Skin (Green)/For Dry Skin (Pink)

-Biore Morning Gelee

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Biore Morning Gelee (ビオレ 朝用ジュレ洗顔料) is a facial wash designed to use in the morning, suggesting a new skin care routine for better skin hydration. According to their survey, majority of people wash their face only with water in the morning without knowing that the moisture level of the skin goes down after washing. This jelly, non-foaming facial cleanser gently removes sebum and impurities, and improves skin’s water retention level from washing only with water. It also helps makeup to apply on smoothly and last long.

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-Biore Makeup Remover Facial Wash

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Biore Makeup Remover Facial Wash (ビオレ メイクも落とせる洗顔料) is a 2-in-1 facial cleanser which works as makeup remover and face wash. It lifts up and cleanse away makeup and impurities and doesn’t require double cleansing. There are paste type and foam type available.

The paste type creates rich and creamy foam and removes stubborn makeup such as waterproof sunscreen and long-lasting foundation. It contains hyaluronic acid and royal jelly for moist and smooth skin.

The foam type comes in a pump bottle which creates instant foam with one push. The fine and dense foam lifts makeup and cleanses away excess sebum. It contains a rich amount of beauty essence and leaves skin soft and moist after washing.

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Paste type/Foam type

-Men’s Biore Facial Wash

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Biore also has men’s skin care series, Men’s Biore with a range of face and body products targeting common concerns of men’s skin such as oily skin, clogged pores and odor.

Men’s Biore Facial Wash (メンズビオレ ペーストタイプ洗顔料) is a paste type face wash available with 5 variations for different skin care needs: Micro Scrub for normal and combination skin (Blue), Double Scrub for oily skin (Black), Oil Clear for oily skin (Light Blue), Medicated Acne Care for acne prone skin (Green), Deep Moist for dry skin (Orange).

The self-foaming type, Men’s Biore Foam Facial Wash (メンズビオレ 泡タイプ洗顔料) is also available with 4 variations: Regular for normal and combination skin (Blue), Oil Clear for oily skin (Light Blue), Medicated Acne Care for acne prone skin (Green), Deep Moist for dry skin (Orange). The dense and bouncy foam is produced with one push and removes dirt and excess sebum without leaving the skin feeling tight or dry. It can be also used as shaving foam.

【Shop Men’s Biore Facial Wash Online】
Paste type:
Micro Scrub (Blue)/Double Scrub (Black)/Oil Clear (Light Blue)/Acne Care (Green)/Deep Moist (Orange)
Foam type:
Regular (Blue)/Oil Clear (Light Blue)/Acne Care (Green)/Deep Moist (Orange)

Thanks for reading! Biore’s cosmetics products are widely sold at drugstores in Japan, and some of products are also available to shop online with international shipping!

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