Akira Online Japanese School TOKYO: Best Way to Learn Japanese

Learn Japanese Online using the Second Language Acquisition Research method

Akira Online Japanese School TOKYO

From planning to move to Japan to wanting to be able to read or watch your favorite manga and anime series in the original version without dubbing, or simply because you like the language, there are many reasons why you may be considering learning Japanese.

However, Japanese is not an easy language to learn, especially for someone who is not used to the writing system. I know this firsthand, as I spent several years studying Japanese at university and then two years at a Japanese language school in Tokyo. I have tried different schools and systems, but none of them convinced me.

In this article I would like to introduce you to Akira Online Japanese School TOKYO, a new Japanese school based in Tokyo with an innovative learning system. Although the school is in Tokyo, the classes are done online using Zoom, so you don’t need to reside in Tokyo or even in Japan.

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About Akira Online Japanese School TOKYO

Akira is a new online Japanese language school established in January 2019, offering private lessons globally. Akira is different in that it offers lessons that are focused on produce results rather than just teaching.

To achieve that, they use a scientific method based on Second Language Acquisition Research (SLA). Akira explains to students what the mechanisms of listening and speaking are and how they can develop each skill. It has been proven that by doing this, helps Japanese learners to improve their Japanese conversation skills faster and smarter.

Akira Online Japanese School
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In combination with the SLA method, Akira offers output-centered lessons based on preparatory study. This is a new type of lesson format called “flipped learning,” which enables students to learn Japanese with a high return on investment, especially for those students with high learning ability who can study on their own.

Moreover, all lessons are taught by certified English-speaking instructors, which reduces the stress of “I don’t understand”.

Finally, Akira offers an individualized curriculum for each student based on a free interview/level check and two trial lessons. The lessons are personalized to each student’s needs, allowing them to progress efficiently.

In addition, the program is structured in such a way that the level of achievement can be objectively determined by an external test, so that students can visualize the results of their lessons and learning, specifically how much they have improved their speaking level.

Akira Online Japanese School
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Akira Online Japanese School offers a variety of Japanese language courses to fit various needs and budgets, including both business and daily conversation and JLPT preparation at all levels (from beginner to advanced). You can follow a course from as little as once a week to twice a week or even three times a week, on weekdays from 8:00  to 21:50 on weekdays (JST).

Please note that the prices shown above are for beginner level courses (N5/N4). As the level increases, there is also a slight increase in price. See the Akira website for more information.

If you are not sure if this method fits you, before you decide to take lessons in Akira you can take 2 trials for free. First the assigned teacher will interview you for about 30 minutes, asking you about your objectives and assessing your level. Then you will have 2 lessons of 50 minutes each, and at the end of the last class your teacher will explain to you what your problem is and how to solve it according to SLA. Then they offer a strategic curriculum personalized for you and coordinate prep, lessons, and reviewing totally. And all this 100% free of charge! You can try it here.

My Experience with Akira Online Japanese School

Akira Online Japanese School TOKYO

In this free trial lesson, I mainly wanted to improve my business Japanese skills. I am currently working as a writer in Tokyo. However, I wanted to be able to use honorifics more properly and communicate in a more natural and correct Japanese.

First, I underwent an interview and level check. As a result, it was pointed out that although my Japanese is highly fluent and I can converse with a high degree of complexity, I need to improve my vocabulary, grammar, and the accuracy of honorifics and other expressions of treatment.

For this reason, as a preparatory assignment, I was given a task to present the content of an article in one minute using my past interview articles as teaching materials, and a task to conduct a pseudo-interview with the client of the article. I was instructed to prepare each draft in Japanese and submit it to the instructor before the lesson.

My teacher was Tomone-sensei and I loved her class. She corrected my drafts in advance, like a capture. She also explained to me why I needed to correct it, sometimes in English, so I could be 100% clear in my understanding.

Akira Online Japanese School TOKYO

Tomone-sensei then explained the mechanism of listening and speaking based on SLA and the training called speech-shadowing exercise to develop listening and speaking skills. This is a training exercise using audio recorded by Tomone-sensei in the lesson, where you listen to the audio and immediately repeat it after a delay of one or two words.

It was embarrassing to do this alone, but the idea was that if you build up repeated training until you can remember and slur your words, you can develop your listening and speaking skills. I thought it was great to have an SLA-based explanation in this way to convince me why I do speech shadowing so that I can train.

Akira Online Japanese School TOKYO

At the end of the second trial session, Tomone-sensei presented a curriculum for me. By taking the JSST speaking test twice, once at the beginning and again at the end of the curriculum, I was able to understand my current level and problems, as well as the results of my study. I thought it was a modern way to see the return on investment of Japanese lessons and to set a concrete goal to improve my level.

Compared to the typical Japanese language schools I have experienced in the past, this free lesson experience was very satisfying and suited my needs. At the Japanese language school I experienced, classes were geared toward Asian students who wanted to take university entrance exams, so there were few conversation classes, and we were often only learning vocabulary and grammar that we rarely used.

I have hope that if I continue to take lessons from Tomone-sensei at Akira, my Japanese level will get closer to that of a native.


In conclusion, I recommend Akira Online Japanese School to learners who would like to learn seriously or are looking for a different more effective way to learn Japanese. Also for those who don’t have much time and need to learn the maximum level of Japanese in the shortest possible time.

Their classes serve any purpose, even if you simply want to learn a little Japanese because you are planning a trip to the country. But I think they are especially useful for foreigners who live or plan to live in Japan for work purposes.

For example, if you already know that you are going to move to Japan, you can start studying from a distance, or if you are already in Japan but you have realized that you need Japanese to improve your daily work life. As the schedules are adaptable, you can adjust them to the date and time that suits you best.

It’s true that the price may be more expensive than other schools, but as these are private classes designed exclusively for you, you learn much faster and therefore end up saving money.

If you think that the Akira’s method isn’t what you’re looking for or doesn’t fit you, here are other articles with more suggestions that may help you to study Japanese!

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If you think that Akira’s method isn’t what you’re looking for or doesn’t fit you, here are other articles with more suggestions that may help you to study Japanese!

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