Yokohama Christmas Forest Event in Winter 2022

"Yokohama Christmas Forest" in Yokohama Bay Quarter, Yokohama

Yokohama Christmas Forest Illumination 2022 Winter

A short train ride from Tokyo, Yokohama is a popular place for day trips out of the city for both families and couples. The city offers plenty of activities, and especially in winter it is one of the best places to enjoy the festive Christmas atmosphere! From one of the most famous Christmas markets to beautiful Christmas illuminations, the city has a lot to offer!

Yokohama Bay Quarter, the popular shopping mall in Yokohama with a cool design and ocean views, is holding a Christmas event “Christmas Forest” until December 25 (Sunday), 2022 featuring beautiful flowers and more than 23,000 lights.

In winter 2022 the Yokohama Bay Quarter Christmas event is celebrated for the 17th consecutive year. Under the theme “Forest and Flower Garden” this year the main plaza on the third floor of Yokohama Bay Quarter is decorated with “flower roofs” and “flower walls” hung with colorful bouquets of flowers. The event will create a charming festive Christmas mood!

During the day, flower decorations will brighten up visitors while they shop or eat at the mall’s restaurants. And when it gets dark, at 16:00 the beautiful flowers are lit up! The gentle light envelops the venue, creating a romantic atmosphere that is different from that of the daytime.

Yokohama Christmas Forest Illumination 2022 Winter
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Also noteworthy is the annual Christmas tree made of 8-meter-high fir trees. At the base of the tree, which is colored with colorful flowers and champagne gold lights, is decorated with cute animal objects that live in the “Christmas Forest”.

Yokohama Christmas Forest 2022

Location: Yokohama Bay Quarter


Access: 3 min walk from Yokohama Station

Period: November 5 – December 25, 2022

Hours: 11:00 – 23:00. Lighting starts at 16:00

Official Website:

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