15 Unique Japanese McDonald’s Menus

Original McDonald's menus that you will only find in Japan

Are you a McDonald’s lover? In Japan, some called it “Mac”, others call it “McDo”. Whatever you call it. Some people might not like it, but it is the favorite of many, regardless of age.

McDonald’s is the most popular fast-food chain all over the world with different menus depending on the country. In this article, I would like to share with you some of the unique menus of Mcdonald’s in Japan. Some of these will amaze you, especially if you’ve never had McDonald’s in Japan.

But, before going to the list of unique menus, let me give you some brief information about McDonald’s in Japan.

Overview of McDonald’s Japan

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The first McDonald’s restaurant in Japan was built in Ginza, Tokyo in 1971. The restaurant chain has grown since, and now is the leading company in the field of Japan’s food service industry. McDonald’s has almost 2,900 restaurants across Japan including both franchise-owned and those under direct management. Out of all those branches, 170 restaurants have the Mc Cafe by Barista, the cafe offers special drinks and sweets.

The good thing about the Japanese Mcdonald’s menu is that there are many menus to choose from. You will find a wide variety of options for the morning, afternoon, or evening to make you feel just like at home. One of the differences between McDonald’s in Japan among other countries is that it has unique menus that will suit the taste of the Japanese people and the volume of calories per product of Japan McDonald’s is lower compared to other countries. It is also cheap in price compared to other countries, but at the same time, people can order food and drinks similar to that of fancy cafes and restaurants at a cheap price.

In the year 2022, they are celebrating the 50th anniversary since the first restaurant was built in 1971. Here are some of their unique menus and only found in Mcdonald’s Japan.

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Campaign Menu:

Every year and season, McDonald’s menus are brought back or new menus are released. They have what is called a campaign menu where the burgers are only offered for a limited time. Since there’s the 50th-anniversary celebration of McDonald’s Japan, let’s discuss the “Tsukimi Burgers” (Moon-viewing burgers) which were first introduced in 1991.

The Tsukimi Burgers

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Tsukimi (月見) means special moon-viewing in Japanese. Many restaurants add egg to dishes to make it look like a fool moon, and McDonald’s does this as well. The tsukimi burger contains a 100% beef patty topped with crispy bacon, tsukimi sauce, and fried egg. There are three types of Tsukimi burgers inspired by the autumn months and Tsukimi (Moon-viewing) events.

1. Tsukimi Burger

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The Tsukimi Burger (月見バーガー) is a regular sandwich burger with egg, special sauce, bacon, and a 100% beef patty. The buns come with sesame seeds and the special sauce brings more savory to the burger as well as the fried egg in the middle.

2. Cheese Tsukimi Burger

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The Cheese Tsukimi Burger (チーズ月見) is a sandwich burger in a sesame seeds bun with special sauce, bacon, egg, cheese, and regular patty. It is just like the regular tsukimi burger, but this one comes with cheese for those who love cheese in their burgers. Cheese brings additional savory to the burger.

3. Noko Fuwatoro Tsukimi

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The Noko Fuwatoro Tsukimi (濃厚とろーり月見) is a rich fluffy and melting burger also known as the rich melting tsukimi.  This is the special burger of tsukimi which comes in regular buns with an additional scrambled egg in the bottom and comes with more melted cheese that brings out the deliciousness of the burger.

World Cup Burgers

They have the newest menu from their campaign there are three types of burgers inspired by past FIFA World Cup tournaments and available for a limited time only.

4. Rich Kalbi Mac

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The Rich Kalbi Mac (こく旨かるびマック) is a flavorful “Karubi” or boneless short rib marinated in Mcdonald’s spicy sauce on top of a 100% beef patty with no binder to give more flavor and savored by the sweet lemon sauce and crispy lettuce.

5. Wild Beef Burger Onion Rings and Cheese

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The Wild Beef Burger Onion Rings and Cheese (ワイルドビーフバーガー オニオンリング&チーズ) is sandwiched in original buns made from five kinds of spices with fragrant onion rings, garlic, chili, bacon, and thick smoked cheddar cheese sauce that brings out the deliciousness of a 100% beef patty.

6. Chicken Kebab Burger

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The Chicken Kebab Burger (ケバブ風チキンバーガー) is sandwiched in original buns with Crispy battered chicken, crunchy lettuce, fresh tomatoes, sliced onions, and white cheddar cheese. A kebab-style sauce is made from spices such as garlic, chili peppers, and sweet lemon sauce to give more flavor to the chicken and vegetables.

The Samurai Mac

The Samurai Mac (サムライマック) comes with two flavors of roasted soy sauce. This is not included in their campaign; this menu is available at any McDonald’s in Japan.

7. Broiled Soy Sauce Style Double Thick Beef

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The Broiled Soy Sauce Style Double Thick Beef (炙り醤油風ダブル肉厚ビーフ) is a burger with a patty of 100% beef layered in two layers added the soy sauce style sauce with cheddar cheese the soy sauce and the onion brings out the deliciousness of the burger.

8. Broiled soy sauce-style bacon tomato thick beef

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The Broiled soy sauce-style bacon tomato thick beef (炙り醤油風ベーコントマト肉厚ビーフ) is a burger with a patty of 100% beef with bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes. Comes in buns with sesame seeds two slices of thick bacon and white cheddar cheese. Aside from the sauce, the vegetables bring more savory to the burger giving a balanced taste to meats and vegetables.

The Teriyaki Burger

9. Teriyaki McBurger

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The Teriyaki McBurger (てりやきマックバーガー) is a regular sandwich in sesame seeds buns with a 100% beef patty coated with teriyaki sauce. It comes with lettuce and mayonnaise the combination of mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce brings out the deliciousness of the burger.

10. Teriyaki Chicken Filet-O

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The Teriyaki Chicken Filet-O (てりやきチキンフィレオ) consists of a Chicken filet patty with teriyaki sauce. It is almost the same as the teriyaki burger, but in a chicken filet patty and a fried chicken coated with teriyaki sauce which is classic in Japanese McDonald’s. the lettuce and mayonnaise give more savory to the burger.

11. Shrimp Filet-O

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The Shrimp Filet-O (えびフィレオ) consists of a crunchy patty is made of shrimp coated in flaky bread crumbs (panko) and then coated with tempura sauce. Comes in the sesame seeds buns with big and plump crispy fried shrimp inside, added plenty of lettuce and sauce of mix mayonnaise and ketchup that brings out the taste of shrimp.

The Rice Bun

These menus are one of the Yoru Mac menus available starting from 17:00. Made with 100% Niigata Koshihikari rice comes in three flavors.

12. Rice Karubi

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The Rice Karubi (ごはんかるび) comes in a rice bun instead of regular sandwich buns similar to the “Rich kalbi Mac” in a rice bun. The soy sauce flavor in the rice buns brings out the deliciousness of the meats the Karubi and the patty.

13. Rice Teriyaki

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The Rice Teriyaki (ごはんてりやき) is a Teriyaki McBurger in a rice bun. It comes in rice buns with soy sauce flavor with a 100% beef patty coated in a teriyaki sauce and added some lettuce and mayonnaise sauce the combination of sauces brings more savory and deliciousness.

14. Rice Chicken with a rich Flavor of Soy Sauce

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The Rice Chicken with a rich Flavor of Soy Sauce (ごはんチキン こく旨醤油仕立て) consists of a chicken patty seasoned with soy sauce in a rice bun. The buns are rice with soy sauce flavor and a special sauce inside with lettuce, cheddar cheese, and a big fried chicken filet.

15. The “Bai” Menu

Mcdonald’s in Japan offers its Bai Menu (倍メニュー) available from 17:00. Bai means “double” in Japanese and from its original menu they double the patty and the filling is also increased in volume.

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Every season some of the menus change and there is some menu that is not available in another store it depends on the area and the stores. Thank you for reading for more related articles you can visit the following article below.

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