Tokyo Midtown Yaesu

A new commercial complex with over 40 floors opened in Tokyo Station area

Tokyo Midtown Yaesu

The commercial complex Tokyo Midtown Yaesu grand opened on 10 March 2023 (Friday) as a part of a large-scale redevelopment project currently underway around Tokyo Station.

Located in Roppongi, Tokyo Midtown (東京ミッドタウン) have been for years Tokyo’s biggest complex building, until Tokyu Kabukicho Tower took that title away this year. But Tokyo Midtown is still one of the favourite places to go for the weekend. Now a third Tokyo Midtown have opened in Yaesu, following Tokyo Midtown in Akasaka, Minato-ku and Tokyo Midtown Hibiya.

Tokyo Midtown Yaesu marks the beginning of the redevelopment projects around Tokyo Station and promise to be one of the best entertainment complex, with a lots of facilities just in the heard of Tokyo! Excited?? Let’s learn more about the new Tokyo Midtown Yaesu!

Yaesu is a terminal base for a variety of trains, subways and buses, including the Shinkansen bullet train, which connects to the rest of Japan, as well as rail and bus routes that provide direct access to airports, making it a true gateway to Japan. Under the concept of Japan Presentation Field – A town where Japan’s dreams come together and grow into the world’s dreams, Tokyo Midtown Yaesu is expected to attract even more activity to the Yaesu area.

The new Tokyo Midtown Yaesu have 4 basement levels and 45 above-ground floors directly connected to Tokyo and Kyobashi Stations through the first basement floor. In addition, the second basement floor will house Japan’s largest bus terminal, the commercial zone from the first to third basement floors, and the Bulgari Hotel Tokyo, the first Bulgari Hotel & Resorts from the 40th to 45th floors.

A total of 57 shops are open in the commercial zone from the first basement to the third floor, including six shops opening for the first time and 11 shops opening for the first time in Tokyo.

On the 1st floor visitors can enjoy unique and delicious sweet shops with eat-in facilities. Some of the shops are offering exclusives products only available at Tokyo Midtown Yaesu. In the other hand, the 2nd floor the Yaesu Public area is divided in three zones: a standing drinking spot, a goods sales and rest area where visitors can enjoy time while waiting for the bus and the underground area, reminiscent of the back alleys of the city. All seating is free, and purchased menu items can be eaten and consumed anywhere in the Yaesu Public area. For those prefer to go to a restaurant, the 3rd floor features a wide range of restaurants including sushi, Italian food, bistro and other food and beverage zones.

Tokyo Midtown Yaesu
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Moreover, the Bulgari Hotel Tokyo located on the 40th to 45th floors of Tokyo Midtown Yaesu opened on 4 April 2023 (Tuesday), with 98 guest rooms, a bar, Italian restaurant, chocolate boutique, Bulgari Spa with fitness gym and indoor pool.

For those staying near to Tokyo Station and are planning to travel around Japan, Bus Terminal Tokyo Yaesu, one of the largest express bus terminals in Japan, opens on the second basement floor.


Access: Direct access is available from JR and Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line Tokyo Station

Hours: Shops 11:00–21:00/Restaurants 11:00–23:00


Tokyo Midtown Yaesu is located next to Tokyo Station, one of the most exciting districts in Tokyo to visit! Check out more things to do and places to visit near to Tokyo Station area, or if you are interested in others interesting complex buildings in the city!

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