The Dried Noodle Grand Prix 2024 in Tokyo

Enjoy 36 different noodle dishes in the 5th edition of the The Dried Noodle Grand Prix Summer 2024

The Dried Noodle Grand Prix

Calling all noodle lovers!  The Dried Noodle Grand Prix 2024 in Tokyo is back in Komazawa for its 5th edition. Last year the event had 13,000 attendees over two days, with around 18,000 servings of delicious dried noodle dishes served up. This year, the event is back and better than ever, promising even more excitement and flavors!

If you’re not familiar with the event but love noodles or are looking for a new and exciting activity to do in Tokyo this weekend, in this article we will explain everything about the The Dried Noodle Grand Prix 2024.

What it is The Dried Noodle Grand Prix?

The Dried Noodle Grand Prix

The dried noodle industry is facing significant challenges such  as increasing costs, declining production and labor shortages. The Dried Noodle Grand Prix is a project that aims to support the future of the dried noodle industry and preserve and promote Japan’s traditional food culture. By organizing events that promote dried noodles, it hopes to boost the market. Since 2017, it’s been a platform for experienced manufacturers to showcase their knowledge through new menus.

During the showcase, visitors can vote for their favorites among various dried noodle dishes. Winners, including an overall champion and category winners, are chosen based on these votes. Plus, before and after the event, promotional campaigns featuring the showcased products and recipe booklets continue to promote dried noodles.

At the fourth edition held last May, the event welcomed 13,000 visitors over two days and determined the Overall Grand Prix winner through approximately 20,000 votes.

The Dried Noodle Grand Prix 2024

For its 5th edition, organizers have gathered a record-breaking 36 different dried noodle dishes. From somen to soba, udon to Chinese noodles, there’s something for every taste. Get ready to experience dried noodles like never before!

Expert noodle and seasoning manufacturers are pulling out all the stops to bring the ultimate noodle experience at this The Dried Noodle Grand Prix 2024. From somen dishes infused with sukiyaki or ramen flavors to hearty noodle salads and unique creations like somen crepes or sushi rolls, you’ll encounter a wide range of innovative creations. With such a variety of options, you’re sure to find your new favorite way to enjoy dried noodles!

The Dried Noodle Grand Prix

But there’s more to look forward to at the event. Attendees will receive a recipe booklet containing easy-to-follow recipes for all the dried noodle menus, allowing them to recreate the dishes at home. If you can’t get the booklet that day, or you prefer digital format, no worries: these recipes are available on the Cookpad recipe website!

Another highlight is the exclusive talk show featuring DEEN’s Hidekazu Ikemori, a known soba enthusiast, alongside special guests Maggy Shinji and Matsumoto Golgo. In this engaging session, they’ll discuss the charm of dried noodles, various ways to enjoy them, and the standout dishes from this year’s competition. Maggy Shinji will take the stage on the 18th (Saturday), while Matsumoto Golgo will appear on the 19th (Sunday). The talk show will run three times each day (11:00 AM, 1:00 PM, and 3:00 PM).

*Please note that the lottery for seated viewing areas has concluded.

*However, standing-room areas are open for all attendees to enjoy the talk show.

DEEN Vocalist Hidekazu Ikemori

Known as a soba enthusiast who consumes soba nearly every day of the year, Hidekazu Ikemori has gained recognition as a prominent figure in the soba world. Through numerous media appearances, he has established himself as a soba culinary expert, offering his unique approach to enjoying soba known as the “Ikemori Style.”

Magician Maggy Shinji

Carrying on the legacy of his mentor, Maggy Shiro, Maggy Shinji captivates audiences with his witty banter and playful magic tricks. He’s a familiar face in the media, entertaining audiences with his unique blend of humor and magic.

Golgo Matsumoto

Co-founder of the comedy duo TIM alongside Red Yoshida, Golgo Matsumoto is known for his distinctive poses, incorporating elements like “life” and “flames,” utilizing his entire body for comedic effect.

The Dried Noodle Grand Prix

In addition, a special dessert will be offer at SOBA CAFE IKEMORI. Managed by Hidekazu Ikemori himself, SOBA CAFE IKEMORI brings a delectable array of desserts to the event. Delight in their exclusive creations, including the “Soba Soft Serve” supervised by the renowned Shinshu Togakushi Soba Inn Nioumonya, and the tantalizing “Anko Hojicha Roll” in collaboration with Dojima Roll. These desserts, available only at the cafe, promise to satisfy your cravings and provide the perfect ending to your culinary journey!

Moreover, attendees can also look forward to appearances by special guests Chiitan☆ and Nebaa-ru-kun, two the beloved characters in Japan. Additionally, there will be six craft beers available, along with freshly brewed sake from the “Chiru-sake” brand. And don’t forget to grab your free Garigari-kun Soda while supplies last!

Excited? If you are in Tokyo or near by this weekend, enjoy the The Dried Noodle Grand Prix 2024 and vote for your favorite dish!

Awards: Overall Grand Prix, 1st Place in Somen Category, 1st Place in Soba Category, 1st Place in Udon Category, 1st Place in Chinese Noodle Category, National Dried Noodle Cooperative Association Award, Japan Access Award, BEST BUZZ Menu Award (given to the menu with the most attention on social media)

Voting Method: (1) Receive a voting coin upon purchase (2) Choose your favorite menu after tasting (3) Vote by inserting the coin into the corresponding menu box at the voting corner near the exit of the venue. Voting is open until 4:00 PM on the second day.

-The Dried Noodle Grand Prix 2024

Period: May 18th (Saturday) – May 19th (Sunday)

Times:  10:00- 18:00

Venue: Location: Komazawa Olympic Park Central Plaza


Ticket sales until 17:00, food and beverage sales until 17:30

Admission: Free

Payment Methods: Dry noodle menus accept either food tickets or PayPay payment.

<Award Ceremony Schedule>

May 19th (Sunday): 17:30 – 18:00

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