5 Must-Visit Shopping Areas in Tokyo

Best things and places to shop in Tokyo

Shopper’s paradise, Tokyo gives us so many options to choose what to shop. Are you looking for souvenirs for yourself, family or friends back home? From cool electronic gadgets to Japanese sweets, here is a little shopping advice for you what to buy and where to shop in Tokyo!

1. Traditional Japanese @ ASAKUSA

Looking for something traditional about Japan?? Asakusa’s shopping street “Nakamise” probably can help you out. From the classic Japanese souveniers (chopsticks,hand fans,ornaments,green tea,etc) to funny unique items, Nakamise is a perfect place to shop Japanese goods!

2. Kitchen tools and tableware @ KAPPABASHI

“Kappabashi” a.k.a. Chefs’ Paradise is a street between Asakusa and Ueno where all kitchen tools and table wear are sold. They literally sell everything related to kitchen and the price is pretty reasonable comparing to other souvenir shops. Kappabashi is known world-widely to chefs for selling finest Japanese knives!

3. Japanese Snacks @ HARAJUKU

If you love Japanses snacks, this is the place. Calbee Plus in Harajuku’s Takeshita street is the shop of the famous snack company Calbee (If you know Kappa Ebisen,Jagarico,potato chips,etc!) There are limited snacks only sold there and freshly fried potato chips are sold,too!

Harajuku is also one of the best place to shop clothes especially for young peoples and you may meet lots of Kawaii girls there! 🙂

4. Electronic gadgets @ AKIHABARA

Electronics and Otaku culture’s mecca, Akihabara is where hundreds of small and big electronics retailers gather and Otaku’s favourite mange,video games,toys shops locate! Even if you are not into their culture, Akihabara is the great place to shop Japanese electronic products with reasonable price!

5. Last Minute Shopping @ NARITA AIRPORT

No time for shopping while travelling?? Don’t worry, the mega shopping site is waiting for you before your departure. Narita International airport has hundreds of souvenir shops where you can complete your shopping before leaving Japan. Snacks,sweets,hello kitty,clothes,shoes,cosmetics,electric products…everything is sold here!

Make sure you arrive to the airport earlier so you will have time to shop! Don’t miss your flight!

 Looking for more shopping ideas in Tokyo?? Here are some popular shops in Tokyo!

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