Uobei: High-Speed Sushi in Shibuya, Tokyo

Shibuya Restaurant Guide-vol.9: Sushi Uobei

The Sushi restaurant in 21st century! Uobei (魚べい) is not the ordinary “conveyor belt sushi restaurant”, but offering us high-tech Sushi experience. You can actually order dishes from the touch panel computer screens (operated in English, too!) which are placed at each seats, and the conveyor belt delivers your dishes by mini bullet trains with the super fast speed! Additionally, most of Sushi at Uobei is served ONLY at 100 JPY (+tax)!!!

Uobei’s Shibuya branch is located at Dogenzaka Street, only 5 mins walk from JR Shibuya Station. Have the most unique and futuristic Sushi experience in Tokyo!

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How to reach: 5 mins walk from Shibuya station Hachiko Exit

Hours: 11:00~24:00

Budget: 108 JPY per plate

Genre: Sushi

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