Sakai Tulip Festa 2020 at Harvest Hill in Osaka

Over 100,000 Colourful Tulips in Sakai City, Osaka

Sakai Tulip Festa (さかいチューリップフェスタ) is a popular flower festival held at the Harvest Hill in Sakai City, Osaka in April annually. In 2020, the festival is celebrating its 20th anniversary and over 100,000 tulips in 20 varieties flourish colourfully in the vast space of the 0.3ha park. The festival is held from 1 to 26 April in 2020.

As the flower fields are on the hill, it makes possible to see the flowers in various angles. Visitors can enjoy strolling down through the vivid tulip flowers in various colours and shapes. Each kind of tulip has different characteristics.

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Besides colourful tulips on the flower beds and fields, visitors can enjoy various tulip related events during the festival such as tulip flavour ice cream and tulip theme hands-on activities. Moreover, the Kansai area’s first Sylvanian Families theme park is opening at the Harvest Hill in late March 2020.

The tulips at Sakai Tulip Festa will be in full bloom from mid April. If you are planning to visit Osaka after the cherry blossom season (late March to early April), you still have a chance to see beautiful flowers and feel the amazing spring vibes in Japan!

-Sakai Tulip Festa


Access: 20 mins by bus from Izumigaoka Station

Date: 1 to 26 April 2020

Hours: Weekdays 9:30~17:30, Weekend & Holidays 9:30~18:00

Admission Fee: 1,000

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