5 Popular Anti Aging Treatment Clinics in Tokyo

Anti Aging Treatment Clinics in Tokyo popular among Japanese women

5 Popular Anti Aging Treatment Clinics in Tokyo

I’m sure you have heard more than once the cliché that Japanese people don’t age and always look younger, especially women. One of the reasons for this is undoubtedly the famous Asian facial routine, with big brands such as Shiseido, Kose or SK-II. Genetics and nutrition also play a role. But something that has become increasingly popular in Japan in recent years is anti-aging treatments. As a context, the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (JAAM) was founded in 2001 with 20 doctors. Currently they have a membership of more than 8,200 individuals covering a wide and diverse range of basic research and clinical specialties.

One may think that these treatments are superficial and just for aesthetics, but that is not all they are about. Anti-aging treatments help with many illnesses and pains associated with aging, and more and more people are using them as a solution to their aches and pains to improve their quality of life. The JAAM explains that the Anti-aging medicine deals with the biological process of aging, preventing diseases controlling factors that promote the occurrence of disease, including stress, fatigue, and immunological deterioration. As a result, the Anti-aging medicine promote and prolong a healthy life.

Anti aging treatments are usually not inexpensive and it is not something to be done lightly either, as it can affect your health.In addition, there are different types of treatments, and each clinic usually specializes in a particular type. So the decision can be difficult.

There are several clinics in Tokyo that offer this service, and most of them are probably good and professional. But for this article I have selected some of the 5 of the best clinics, with quality treatments and good reviews among the Japanese customers in case that may help you.

Takara Clinic

Takara Clinic

Under the concept “Enjoy your favorite hobby for longer, and healthy,” Takara Clinic is one of the top Tokyo clinics specializing in immunotherapy. This medical facility offers both stem-cell therapy and a quicker, simpler treatment called “Stem cell conditioned-medium therapy,” which doesn’t require cell incubation time.

In recent years medical treatments with stem cell applications are very common as they offer good results and can improve the patient’s quality of life. Their use began in the 1980s for patients who had suffered severe or extensive body burns, and nowadays they are increasingly used in cancer treatments.

So the stem cell conditioned-medium therapy is not only for the sake of looking younger, but also to feel healthier and to help against pains that appear as you get older, such as joint pain.

Jiyugaoka Clinic

Jiyugaoka Clinic

Jiyugaoka Clinic is one of the most famous clinic in Tokyo for women. Opened in 1995, Jiyugaoka Clinic have top-ranked doctors, well-know in cosmetic medicine in Asia. They offer quality treatments with first-rate technical capabilities, using only highly safe medical device and drugs.

Shinagawa Beauty Clinic

Shinagawa Skin Clinic
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Founded in 1988 Shinagawa Beauty Clinic is one of the most popular clinics among young Japanese women. Since opening the first clinic in Shinagawa 34 years ago they have been growing and now have 17 clinics nationwide, and 22 clinics under their sub-brand Shinagawa Skin Beauty Clinic.

(Here you have the information about the main clinic in Shinagawa, but on their website you can find the contact information of all the clinics they have in Japan).

Azabu Skin Clinic

Azabu Skin Clinic
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Located in Azabu Juban, one of Tokyo’s wealthiest neighbourhoods, and with the highest concentration of foreigners living there, Azabu Skin Clinic has been offering its services in English and Japanese for several years. The doctor in charge of the clinic is Chiaki Kawashima who is an expert in dermatology and holds a variety of certifications.

Shibuya Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Shibuya Cosmetic Surgery Clinic
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In business for more than 20 years, Shibuya Cosmetic Surgery Clinic offers a wide range of treatments such as anti-aging care, wrinkle treatment, medical laser hair removal, medical diet, and more, including plastic surgery. For first-time patients, they offer easy procedures with no cutting.

(Here you have the information about the main clinic in Shibuya, but on their website you can find the contact information of all the clinics they have in Tokyo o near).

I hope this article has helped you! For more recommendations of medical or beauty services in Tokyo, you can check these articles too.

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