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Are you looking for a safe and non-evasive way to lose stubborn fat? As technology progresses, there have been many new fat losing methods invented throughout the years. I’m here to talk about one of those methods.

Have you ever heard of the term “Coolsculpting”? You may have at least heard of this term.

A relatively new procedure that does not involve any surgery or needles.

Since you have clicked on this article, maybe you have heard of this treatment before. Possibly you’ve heard of the word but are not sure what it is.

In this article, I will explain the basic idea behind this procedure, as well as introduce to you 5 clinics for coolsculpting in Japan where you can actually get treated.

*Please note that this article contains affiliate links.

*Note: Before I start explaining, let me remind you that we aren’t experts in this field, and the information that we’re providing in this article is all general info.

If you’re interested in taking this procedure and want to know more about the details, we suggest that you make an appointment at one of these clinics and ask the specialist.

What is Coolsculpting?

Let me write this first since it seems that many people confuse this. “Coolsculpting” is actually not the name of the treatment, but the brand name of the machine that does the procedure. The actual procedure is called “Cryolipolysis”, but this term is not very widely known, so most people refer to this treatment as “Coolsculpting”.

So, to avoid any confusion, I’ll refer to the treatment as Coolsculpting as well.

How it works

The machine is placed in the target area and turned on. The treatment takes somewhere between 35 and 75 minutes.

What this machine does is; freeze only fat cells of a particular area (target area) of your body. By doing this, these fat cells die and with time are cleared out by your immune system, thus resulting in weight loss.

The body areas where this treatment can be used are the following:

  • Under the chin
  • Thighs (inner and outer)
  • Stomach (front belly and sides)
  • Back
  • Hips
  • Along the bra line
  • Upper arms
  • Above the knees

Is it safe?

The machine cools the target area to a specific temperature where only fat cells freeze, therefore there is no worry about damaging your skin, muscles, or blood cells.

*However, if you have any kind of skin condition, please make sure to ask the specialist beforehand.

So, since this procedure doesn’t involve any surgery, needles, and doesn’t harm your body, it has become one of the more popular fat reduction methods out there.

Regarding its validity, the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) approved it in 2010. In Japan, the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare has also approved the validity of the science behind this treatment.

Pros and Cons

The safety and science behind this treatment are as I previously stated. And since there’s no surgery or needles involved, clients can go back to their regular daily lives without the need for recuperation time.

On the other hand, some downsides are the price and time it takes to notice results.

Regarding the time it takes to notice results, this can vary depending on the client, but it can take somewhere between 3 weeks to a couple of months.

Is coolsculpting available in Japan?

As I mentioned above, the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare in Japan has approved this procedure. Therefore, there are various clinics across the country where you can get treated.

However, not all clinics provide services in English.

5 Clinics for coolsculpting in Tokyo

So now that we know the basic facts about cool sculpting, the next question is “are there any clinics in Tokyo where I can get this treatment with English support?”.

Although very few, there are clinics in Tokyo that offer English services for coolsculpting. Here are our 5 picks!

1. Kumiko Clinic

Kumiko Clinic
Copyright (C) 2022 KUMIKO CLINIC

The first clinic on this list is Kumiko Clinic which is located right near Hibiya station. This is the first clinic in Japan to obtain approval from the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare.

Prices range from 71,500 yen(per area) to 132,000 yen (per area) depending on the area of treatment and applicator that is used.

Reservations are required and you can book from either their website or by phone call. You can find detailed info on their website which you can view in English, Korean, and Chinese.

2. Eri Clinic Omotesando

Eri Clinic
Copyright © Emeikai.

Eri Clinic Omotesando is a clinic that offers a wide variety of treatments such as chemical peeling, fat reduction treatment, cosmetic plastic surgery, regenerative medicine, etc.

In this case, coolsculpting is one of the many methods that this clinic offers. For your first visit, you will be attended by Dr. Eri herself, and there she can advise you what kind of treatment is best for you.

Prices range from 80,000 yen(per area) to 100,000 yen (per area) depending on the area of treatment that is used.

If you want more information about the treatment and the price, you can ask from either their website or by phone call. You can find detailed info on their website which you can view in English, Chinese, and Vietnamese.

3. Jiyugaoka Clinic

Jiyugaoka Clinic

Jiyugaoka Clinic is another large clinic that offers a wide variety of treatments such as plastic surgery, cosmetic dermatology, dermatology, cosmetic surgery, cosmetic medicine, and internal medicine.

Prices start from 88,000 yen(per area), and the fee for the first consultation is 3,300 yen.

Reservations are required and you can book from their website. You can find detailed info on their website which you can view in English, French, Korean, and Chinese.

*Note: Although having a multilingual website, there are no Japanese interpreters in the clinic. Therefore, if you speak little or no Japanese, you will need to find someone who can assist you with the translation.

4. Tokyo Hatchobori Dermatology & Plastic Surgery

Tokyo Hatchobori
© TOKYO HATCHOBORI Dermatology & Plastic Surgery

The next clinic on our list is Tokyo Hatchobori Dermatology & Plastic Surgery. As it is indicated in the name, this clinic specializes in dermatology(cosmetology, children’s dermatology, allergy department) and plastic surgery.

The clinic can be a little tricky, but you will find indications of how to get to the clinic from Hatchobori Station(in Japanese).

Price-wise, coolsculpting treatment starts from 66,000 yen (tax included), but this clinic also offers a trial session that costs 44,000 yen (tax included).

Reservations are required and you can book from either their website or by phone call. You can find detailed info on their website which you can view in English, Korean, and Chinese.

5. Aohal Clinic

aohal clinic

The last clinic on this list is Aohal Clinic.

I will mention this first; Out of the 5 clinics on this list, this one actually doesn’t provide services in English. So, in the case that you are interested in making an appointment, it will be necessary that you ask someone to help you make the booking as well as follow you to the appointment.

Prices for coolsculpting start from 66,000 yen (tax included), and there’s a separate fee for the first consultation which is 3,300 yen. For your first consultation, you need to download and fill in a medical questionnaire as well.

Reservations are required and you can book by calling. If you have any questions beforehand, you can also contact them via their website (in Japanese).

I hope this article was helpful. Many would think that there’s no way to search for multilingual help in Japan when it comes to weight loss treatments.

But now you know there are some options that will get you closer to solving this problem.

If you are looking for other kinds of clinics in Japan that offer multilanguage services, check out these other articles.

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