Pikachu Afternoon Tea at Tokyo and Nagoya 2023

Pokémon x The Strings Omotesando collaborate to bring the most adorable afternoon tea!

Pikachu Afternoon Tea

The Strings Omotesando is a fancy and luxury cafe & restaurant located in Omotesando, Harajuku, Tokyo. It’s used for weddings and events, but it’s also popular for its themed afternoon teas that change according to the seasons, specially its cherry blossom afternon tea.

For spring-summer 2023 The Strings Omotesando has surprised us with a completely different afternoon tea. Pikachu Afternoon Tea is, as the name suggests, an afternoon tea featuring the worldwide loved Pikachu pocket monster from Pokémon series! The menu is inspired by Pikachu’s cute silhouette and bright yellow color.

Pokemon Pikachu Afternoon Tea will be held at The Strings Omotesando from April 24 (Mon.) to July 3 (Mon.), 2023! Not only the food, the venue will also have special decoration inspired by Ash’s inseparable companion.

The sweets include Pikachu Muffin, a citrus-flavored muffin topped with yellow Chantilly cream and decorated with ears, and Pikachu Lollipop, which features a cute face. The lineup also includes a “ThunderboltStyle Chocolate Opera” with decorations reminiscent of Pikachu’s special move Thunderbolt.

Savouries such as the Ketchup-filled Cheese Sliders sandwiched in a yellow bun and the Chicken and Tomato Tingling Quiche with a bit of tingling powder, which is reminiscent of lightning, are also in Pikachu colours.

Pikachu Afternoon Tea
©Pokémon. ©Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.

In addition, the afternoon tea will feature optional drinks such as the Pikachu Fruit Mocktail, which is a mocktail mixed with fruit juice with a Pikachu motif, and Pika ★ Pachi Passion Fruit Ade, a shiny drink inspired by Thunderbolt. Lattes decorated with a cute Pikachu’s face will also be available.

Moreover, for those who want enjoy this afternoon tea but aren’t feeling like going out too much, they have a take out option!

Pikachu Afternoon Tea

Period: 24 April (Mon) – 3 July (Mon), 2023


Afternoon tea: 5,800 yen Drink set: 6,500 yen/ Special dessert set: 7,800 yen/ Special combo: 8,500 yen/ Lunch with mini afternoon tea: 4,800 yen/Dinner with mini afternoon tea: 6,800 yen

Take away afternoon tea: 10,000 (for 2 pax)

Pikachu Art Cafe Latte: 1,265 yen

Pika★Pachi Passion Fruitade: 1,012 yen

Pikachu Fruit Mocktail: 1,012 yen

Pikachu Special Dessert:  2,300 yen

The Strings Hotel Nagoya

Pikachu Afternoon Tea Nagoya
©Pokémon. ©Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.

Pikachu Afternoon Tea will also be held at the Strings Hotel Nagoya. If you are in the area, you can enjoy sweets and savouries dyed in a bright yellow colour reminiscent of Pikachu from 1 June (Thursday) to 31 August (Thursday) 2023!

Pikachu Afternoon Tea

Period: 1 June (Thu) – 31 August (Thu), 2023

Thu 1 / Sat 3 / Sun 4 / Mon 5 / Tue 6 / Fri 9 / Sun 11 / Wed 14 / Thu 15 / Fri 16 / Mon 19 / Tues 20 / Wed 21 / Sun 25 / Mon 26 / Tues 27 / Thurs 29

Sat 1 / Sun 2 / Thu 6 / Fri 7 / Sat 8 / Sun 9 / Mon 10 / Wed 12 / Fri 14 / Sun 16 / Mon 17 / Tue 18 / Wed 19 / Fri 21 / Sat 22 / Sun 23 / Mon 24/Wed 26/Thu 27 / Sun 30 /Mon 31

Wed 2 / Thu 3 / Fri 4 / Sat 5 / Sun 6 / Wed 9 / Thu 10 / Fri 11 / Sat 12 / Sun 13 / Mon 14 / Tue 15 / Sat 19 / Sun 20 / Wed 23 / Thu 24 / Fri 25 / Sun 27 / Sun 30 / Wed 31


Weekdays: 11:30-13:30 (L.O. 13:00)/14:30-16:30 (L.O. 16:00)
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 16:30-18:30 (L.O. 18:00)


Afternoon tea: 5,200 yen on weekdays / 5,650 yen on weekends and public holidays
Afternoon tea + pasta: Weekdays 6,200 yen / Weekends & public holidays 6,650 yen
Afternoon tea with one of three original drinks: Weekdays 6,200 yen / Weekends & public holidays 6,650 yen
Afternoon tea + pasta + drink (choose one of three original drinks): Weekdays  7,000 yen / Weekends & public holidays 7,450 yen

*Reservations required via the official website at least 7 days in advance.

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