Peter at The Peninsula Tokyo: Luxury Steak & Grill Restaurant

The Peninsula Tokyo's Peter: A Luxury Dining Experience in the Heart of Tokyo

Peter at the Peninsula Tokyo

Japan has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in recent years for several reasons, such as its well-preserved history and tradition, hospitality, and beautiful nature. But another reason that attracts tourists from around the world is its cuisine.

Tokyo is a culinary paradise that attracts food enthusiasts from across the globe. Celebrated for its meticulous attention to detail, innovative culinary techniques, and premium ingredients, Tokyo’s fine dining landscape promises an unparalleled gastronomic journey. With an abundance of outstanding restaurants to explore, the city offers an endless array of choices, each contributing uniquely to its renowned dining culture.

With so much variety, it can be difficult to choose. So today we bring you one of our favorite spots in Tokyo for a top-notch experience. Peter, a luxury grill restaurant by The Peninsula Tokyo that promises a culinary delight.

The Peninsula Tokyo

The Peninsula Tokyo
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The Peninsula Tokyo is one of Tokyo’s most famous luxury hotels, situated in the Marunouchi district, a well-known business and shopping area.

Established in 1928 Hong Kong, The Peninsula Hotels group it is a family-owned chain that prioritizes quality over quantity. The elegant design of all its hotels is meticulously crafted down to the smallest detail, incorporating luxury even in aspects that the customer may not perceive at first glance. They also have a highly impeccable service..

The Peninsula Tokyo is located in the heart of Tokyo, just in front of the Imperial Palace Garden, offering spacious rooms and suites with incredible views. The hotel features several dining options, including the renowned Peter rooftop restaurant, as well as a spa, fitness center, and indoor pool.

Peter at The Peninsula Tokyo

Peter The Peninsula Tokyo

Peter is a luxury rooftop restaurant and bar located at the 24th floor of The Peninsula Tokyo, offering stunning views of the city skyline including the Imperial Palace Gardens and Hibiya Park.

Reflecting its status as a family-run enterprise committed to the welfare of both its guests and employees, The Peninsula group has a heartwarming tradition: naming its restaurants in tribute to some of itslong-time Peninsula employee who was greatly contributed to the company. Hence, Peter is named after one of its most cherished employees in Hong Kong.

Specializing in steak and grill, and with an elegant atmosphere and panoramic vistas, Peter it is a perfect spot for both locals and visitors to enjoy cocktails, gourmet dishes, and a memorable dining experience.

The Restaurant

Peter at the Peninsula Tokyo
© The Peninsula Tokyo. All Rights Reserved.

As we mentioned, Peter restaurant specializes in grill cuisine. Guests can enjoy a variety of dishes ranging from seafood to grilled meats, each prepared with meticulous attention to detail and presented in an elegant manner.

Whether for a romantic evening or a business gathering, Peter provides an unforgettable dining experience amidst Tokyo’s vibrant urban landscape.

If you want to experience luxury at a more reasonable price, they offer a lunch menu that provides excellent value for money.

The Bar

Peter The Peninsula Tokyo

If you want to enjoy the views but prefer not to dine in the restaurant, you can also indulge in some of the best cocktails in Tokyo at Peter: The Bar. At Peter: The Bar, you can savor famous Japanese whisky or Japanese gin, one of the latest discoveries. Peninsula’s Mixology & Bar Manager, Mari Kamata, despite not enjoying alcohol herself, has crafted exquisite and renowned cocktails.

Peter The Bar

For those like Ms. Kamata who don’t drink alcohol, Kamata also have prepared a delicious menu of mocktails.

Our Experience at Peter

Recently, two of my colleagues and I had the opportunity to have lunch at the Peter restaurant.

As soon as the elevator doors open, the simple yet elegant design captivates you, transporting you to a sophisticated world and leaving behind the noise of the city.

Peter The Peninsula Tokyo

But the best is yet to come: as you walk through a small corridor and enter the main dining room, incredible views greet you. On the day we visited, it was sunny with a clear, blue sky—a perfect day for an amazing culinary experience.

For lunch, there are two menu options. The 3-course option includes an appetizer, a main course, and dessert for 6,900 yen, while the 4-course option includes the same with two appetizers instead of one, for 9,000 yen. In our case, we chose the 3-course menu.

For drinks, I recommend trying the house sparkling wine ‘The Peninsula Champagne Deutz Brut N.V’ crafted exclusively for Peninsula hotels worldwide. It has a smooth, easy-to-drink flavor that pairs the dishes perfectly. If you prefer a non-alcoholic option, Peter’s bartender has crafted a menu of mocktails that rival regular cocktails in flavor and refreshment.

While waiting for our meal, we were served bread accompanied by Hokkaido butter. The bread is fresh and freshly made, baked daily on the ground floor of The Peninsula, with a different type of bread offered each week. As someone from a country where bread is eaten daily and who has struggled in Japan to find quality bread, I can’t miss the opportunity to say that this is one of the best breads I’ve tasted in my over 5 years here.

Back to the food menu, there are 5 appetizers to choose from: Red Snow Crab and Oscietra Caviar, Duck Terrine in Crust, Confit Salmon, Caesar Salad, and Onion Soup.

Peter The Peninsula Tokyo
Onion Soup
Peter The Peninsula Tokyo
Caesar Salad
Peter The Peninsula Tokyo
Confit Salmon

The onion soup is one of the standout dishes – simple in appearance, yet elevated to a masterpiece by Peter’s chef. The Caesar salad was fresh, generously topped with Parmesan cheese, bacon, and toasted bread while the salmon was juicy with a perfect texture, accompanied by orange slices and three sauces that provided a delightful contrast of flavors.

Peter The Peninsula Tokyo
Duck Terrine in Crust
Peter The Peninsula Tokyo
Red Snow Crab and Oscietra Caviar

For the main course, you can choose between had Sautéed Sea Bream, Peter’s Burger, Crab Cake Burger, and Grilled Beef, with choices of US Angus Sirloin, Japanese Beef Sirloin, or Hida A5 Tenderloin.

Peter The Peninsula Tokyo
Peter’s Burger
Peter The Peninsula Tokyo
Crab Cake Burger

Peter’s Burger and the Crab Cake Burger are signature dishes at Peter. The Crab Cake was served separately and was one of the menu’s highlights, and now it’s served as a burger. Both Peter’s Burger and the Crab Cake Burger it comes with French fries. The taste is delightful, but I recommend ordering it to those who are hungry since it can be challenging to finish.

And what can I say about the Hida beef A5? A delicacy that melts in your mouth.

Peter The Peninsula Tokyo
Hida beef A5

Hida beef is type of Wagyu beef that comes from the Hida region of Gifu Prefecture in Japan nationally renowned for the quality of its meat. The A5 refers to the highest quality rating given to Japanese Wagyu beef based on its marbling score, color, brightness, firmness, and overall quality. In other words, Hida beef A5 is one of the best beef meat you can try in Japan.

But it’s also important to know how to properly prepare the Hida A5 beef to bring out its best flavors and fully enjoy its taste.

Peter The Peninsula Tokyo
Sautéed Sea Bream

For those who prefer fish, the Sautéed Sea Bream is a dish that you’re going to love.

Lastly, one of the best parts: desserts. A true festival of colors and flavors.

Peter The Peninsula Tokyo
Seasonal Fruit & Sorbet

When we went, the options were Marinated Strawberry and Basque Cheesecake, Citrus Baba, Sparkling Strawberry, The Peninsula Mango Pudding, Seasonal Fruit & Sorbet, and 3 Kinds of Cheese & Semi-Dried Fruits.

Peter The Peninsula Tokyo
The Peninsula Mango Pudding

Personally, I ordered The Peninsula Mango Pudding, and it was a perfect contrast of flavors. Refreshing yet smooth, it wasn’t overly sweet or heavy, making it ideal for a hot summer day.

Peter The Peninsula Tokyo
Marinated Strawberry and Basque Cheesecake
Peter The Peninsula Tokyo
Citrus Baba

The Basque Cheesecake and Citrus Baba are also a highly recommendation. You can accompany your desserts with coffee or tea.


The experience at Peter at The Peninsula Tokyo was thoroughly satisfying. The price of the menu (6,900 yen) is completely worth it, and it’s not expensive at all considering the quality of the food and the incredible views.

Not to mention the restaurant staff’s attention: impeccable service, friendly and professional at all times yet warm and welcoming. Personally, when entering a luxury establishment, I sometimes feel uncomfortable if the service is highly formal but also cold and serious. At Peter, I felt completely at ease and enjoyed both the food and the service.

-Peter at The Peninsula Tokyo-

Hope you enjoyed my review! For more information about food and dining around Tokyo, or luxury experience, check the following articles below, too!

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