FLOWFUSHI (フローフシ) is a popular Japanese drugstore cosmetics brand which is especially renowned for the make-up products such as eyeliners (Mote Liner) and mascaras (Mote Mascara), both are popular worldwide. FLOWFUSHI products can be found at most of drugstores in Japan easily, and the price range is quite affordable. It’s one of the best price worthy cosmetics brands for its quality. Recently, FLOWFUSHI has released its first facial sheet mask products called SAISEI SHEET MASK.

First of all, the FLOWFUSHI sheet masks are available with three types targeting different parts of the face: around eyes, around lips and the face line. Each sheet mask comes in a different shape so you can use them depending on your skin problem.

The sheet masks contains the special beauty ingredient “END MINERAL” which works effectively on on many kinds of skin troubles and gives intensive care. As you can see on the pictures, each mask has dot prints (red, purple and gold) , and that’s where the END MINERAL ingredients are highly concentrated. The dots indicate the points on the face which usually shows the signs of damage or aging on the skin. I personally thought the dot marks were useful for facial massage while using it!

I have recently used all three types of FLOWFUSHI SAISEI SHEET MASK, here is my review of the products with the introduction of each sheet mask. I hope this would be helpful for your Japanese cosmetics shopping! So let’s have a look!

1. For Eye Zone

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First of all, when you open the package, you can feel the scent of Geranium with a faint of Rose. The beauty serum has a texture like creamy emulsion, but it feels pretty light and smooth on skin. When you put the sheet mask on, it fits well on the face and it won’t slip out even when you move or do something else while using the mask. You can even use it while lying on the bed. After while, it felt slightly tingling on the skin, however, it’s the sign that the serum is penetrating into the skin. It improved the blood circulation around my eyes and they felt very refreshing. It’s especially recommended to use during winter when your skin suffer from dryness.

2. For Lip Zone

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This sheet mask has the same texture and fragrance as the first one. This mask is highly recommended if you are concern about the part around your lips or smile lines. The mask covers the whole part of mouth, so my lips felt really moisture and soft after using the mask.

Sometimes,when I put the foundation in the morning, it smudges or cracks after while especially around nose or lips, but after using this facial sheet mask at the night before, the foundation stayed fresh almost for a whole day.

3. For Faceline

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Just like two other sheet masks, this one has the same texture and fragrance. However, this one for face line is slightly thicker and firmer than others. When you put it on first, it feels like you have a plenty of space around the jawline, but you can pull the mask up along the faceline from a jaw to ears, so the mask fits well and lift up your face. Normally facial masks do not have effects such as facelifting, but this one works efficiently to lift up and shape up around the jawline of the face. Since the mask is slightly tight, I felt the blood circulation become smoother and my face looked brightened up after using.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review of the latest Japanese facial sheet mask products: FLOWFUSHI SAISEI SHEET MASK. Accordingly, the best time for using face masks on Wednesday, which is the middle of the week when the tiredness are most likely to be appeared on the face based on the statistic. It’s also recommended to use on weekends to reset your energy! You don’t need to use the face masks daily but it’s a good idea to give a special care to your skin twice a week to emphasize the natural power of the skin.

Japanese sheet masks are usually packed individually, so it’s also recommended for souvenirs! Many types of sheet masks are sold in Japan, so pick and try various Japanese sheet masks according to your skin problems 🙂

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