Lake Shikaribetsu Kotan 2024: Ice Village in Hokkaido

Shikaribetsu Lake Kotan: Enjoy the ice and snow festival and hot spring bath at the ice village in Hokkaido

Lake Shikaribetsu Kotan (しかりべつ湖コタン) is an annual winter event held in Shikaoi Town, Hokkaido. The event features the ice village with igloo lodges, bar, Onsen bath, and special events which are all made with ice and snow! Let’s have an extraordinary snowy experience at the ice village, Shikaribetsu Kotan this winter!

Lake Shikaribetsu (然別湖) is the highest elevation lake in Hokkaido (800m) and the longest freezing lake in Japan, usually from end of January to March.

The local festival “Lake Shikaribestu Kotan (しかりべつ湖コタン)” is held annually during winter from late January to mid March. The festival takes place literally on the frozen lake and the small man-made ice village appears during the festival.

The village is made only by ice and snow, and it’s only open for 2 months while the weather is extremely cold.

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Numbers of ice/snow made attractions are available at the village including open air Onsen bath on the frozen lake, a feet bath where guests can soak up their cold feet and several ice igloos which houses an ice made bar serving coolest beverage with ice made glasses, a concert hall with live music, a chapel, lodges where guests can stay over a nigh, and more.

At night, the lake and surrounded area is completely dark which makes a perfect condition to gaze beautiful stars. Also if you are lucky, you may see some of winter phenomena such as stardust which appears only with certain weather condition, very cold and dry.

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There are many more winter activities available during the season. Don’t miss a chance to visit this wonderful village which only appears during cold winter! Have an extraordinary winter experience in Japan!

-Lake Shikaribetsu Kotan (しかりべつ湖コタン)


Access: Shuttle bus available from Obihiro (帯広) station during the festival. 4 times a day, 1,650 yen, 100 mins

Date: 27 January to 10 March 2024

Entrance: 500 yen

Ice Onsen schedule: 9:00~20:00 (male and female mix)/ 17:00~18:30 (male only)/ 18:30~20:00 (female only)

Website (Japanese only):

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