Tenryuji Temple: Kyoto’s Yet Another UNESCO World Heritage Site

Tenryuji in Arashiyama: Temple with the Spectacular Sogenchi Garden!

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Tenryuji Temple (天龍寺) is the head temple of the Tenryu branch of Rinzai Zen Buddhism, and it’s located in Arashiyama area in Kyoto city. The temple was founded by Ashikaga Takauji in 1339 during Muromachi period and the construction was completed in 1345.

Tenryuji Temple was ranked one of the five greatest Zen temples in Kyoto and registered to UNESCO World Heritage Site as a part of the “Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto” in 1994.

The temple’s highlight includes the magnificent landscape garden “Sogen Pond Garden (Sogenchi Teien)”, designed by the famous garden designer Muso Soseki, offering amazing landscape with the central pond, pine trees and the forest of Arashiyama mountains.

The temple also owns very famous painting called “The Cloud Dragon” on the ceiling of the Hatto hall. The Cloud Dragon was painted in 1997 by the renowned nihonga artist Kayama Matazo (1927–2004) and the exhibition of the paint is open for public only on weekends and holidays with an additional fee of 500 yen. (Check for the special exhibition dates)


Access: 5 mins walk from Arashiyama station

Hours: 8:30–17:30 (-17:00 in winter)

Fee: 500 yen for garden, 800 yen for garden and buildings

Official Website: http://www.tenryuji.com/en/

Arashiyama area is one of the most attractive part of Kyoto, and home to numbers of magnificent historical monuments surrounded by beautiful nature. If you wish to explore Arashiyama area including Tenryuji Temple and learn its deep history, it’s highly recommended to take a day-tour with a local guide!

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