Must-Buy Japanese Sunscreens in 2020

New Sunscreen Products in Japan Released in 2020

Sunscreens are one of the top selling Japanese cosmetics products across the world because of their quality, effectiveness and affordable price. As huge variety of sunscreen products are available in Japan with a wide price range from high-end brands to drugstore cosmetics products, I’m pretty sure you can find the one that suites your skin type or meets your expectation.

Every year, new Japanese sunscreens are released with various features and new functions, and they are just getting better and better. If you are into the latest Japanese beauty products, or wondering which Japanese sunscreens to try in 2020, you should definitely check out this list introducing Japanese sunscreens newly released in 2020!

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-Biore UV Athlizm Sunburn Protection Milk

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Athlizm is a sunscreen series released by Biore in 2019, and instantly became one of the top-selling sunscreens in Japan. The series offers the great longevity in hot and humid weather condition with the high SPF and PA rates. Athlizm Sunburn Protection Milk (アスリズム | サンバーンプロテクトミルク) is a new product to the series which was released in March 2020. The product features “Near- InfraRed BlockFilter Technology” and “Tough-Boost Technology” giving strong protection against the sun and the strength under the extreme weather condition in summer. It’s can be used both for face and body. It’s resistant to water and sweat, but can be removed with regular body or face wash.

Protection Rate: SPF 50+/PA++++

Price: around 2,000 yen (60ml)

-ANESSA Perfect UV Bubble Spray a

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ANESSA by Shiseido is the most popular sunscreen brand in Japan, which gained a lot of fans overseas. The ANESSA sunscreen series offers a high protection and longevity against UV, heat, sweat and water, yet leaves the skin smooth and moisturized with skin care ingredients. The new product joining the series in 2020 is ANESSA Perfect UV Bubble Spray a (アネッサ パーフェクトUV バブルスプレー a), the cooling sunscreen spray which transforms into foam when applying to your skin and provides an icy and refreshing feeling. The product is formulated with the Aqua Booster EX Technology like other ANESSA products, offering a strong UV shield and high longevity. ANESSA Perfect UV Bubble Spray is available only for limited number and time, so get it while it’s available!

Protection Rate: SPF 50+/PA++++

Price: 2,200 yen (60g)

-IHADA Medicated UV Screen

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IHADA is a skin care brand by Shiseido, focusing on skin protection with the medical skin care treatment. All products contain Shiseido’s original highly purified Vaseline formulation that creates the hydrating barrier protecting the skin from external stimuli and recurring skin problems. IHADA Medicate UV Screen (イハダ 薬用UVスクリーン) is a new sunscreen product from the IHADA series, a non-chemical medicated sunscreen that can be used for face and body. It’s additive-free gentle formula but offers high protection against the sun and it’s resistant to water and sweat. If you have sensitive skin and regular sunscreen products are too strong for you, this product might be suitable for you.

Protection Rate: SPF 50+/PA+++

Price: 1,600 yen (50ml)

-TRANSINO Whitening UV Protector


TRANSINO is a medicated whitening skin care brand by Daiichi Sankyo, one of the biggest pharmaceutical company in Japan. TRANSINO skin care products are developed by the advanced dermatological science-based research and contain Tranexamic acid as an active whitening ingredient which leads bright and translucent skin. TRANSINO Whitening UV Protector (トランシーノ®薬用 ホワイトニングUVプロテクター) is a multi-functioned sunscreen product which works as a skin brightener, emulsion, makeup primer and sunscreen. While protecting the skin with the highest SPF and PA factor, the product offers skin whitening treatment. It also contains “Multi-Dimension Powder” that diffuses light and leads brighter skin complexion.

Protection Rate: SPF 50+/PA++++

Price: 2,860 yen (30ml)


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SKIN AQUA TONE UP UV by ROHTO is an award-winning sunscreen series widely sold at drugstores in Japan. The colour-correcting sunscreen contains micro pearl which helps skin to look brighter and smoother while protecting against from UV rays. It also contains multiple skin care ingredients such as Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid, and can be used as a makeup primer. In addition to the lavender colour, SKIN AQUA TONE UP UV ESSENCE (スキンアクアトーンアップUVエッセンス) is also available with green colour from 2020. While the lavender colour helps to brighten up the skin tone, the green colour helps to reduce skin redness. Both products are super waterproof but can be removed easily with regular face or body wash.

Protection Rate: SPF 50+/PA++++

Price: 1,000 yen (80g)

-SOFINA iP UV Resister Rich Milk

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SOFINA iP by KAO is a popular mid-range skin care brands in Japan. The brand introduces “Double Serum System”, a new daily skin care routine with two types of serums without using toner or emulsion, which can be expected faster and stronger skin care effects. SOFINA iP UV Resister Rich Cream (ソフィーナ iP UVレジスト リッチクリーム) is a new item to the series, a UV protection serum containing the highest UV protection and the beauty ingredients. The product can be used as a makeup primer. It also protects skin from dryness caused by sunlight and leads to moisturized and translucent skin for all day.

Protection Rate: SPF50+/PA++++

Price: 3000 yen (30g)

-Parasola Illumi Skin Multi-Use Face Powder UV

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Parasola is a popular Japanese drugstore sunscreen brand, offering various colour-correcting sunscreen products at affordable price. Tinted sunscreens not only shield the skin from UV rays but also cover the dull complexion and brighten up the skin tone. Parasola Illumi Skin Multi-Use Face Powder UV (パラソーラ イルミスキン マルチユース フェイスパウダーUV) is a new product released in 2020, which is a multi-functioned sunscreen face powder with three colours (lavender, blue pink and pearl white). You can mix the colours and apply it as pressed powder. It brightens up the skin complexion and gives a pore-less semi-matte finish while protecting the skin from daily UV exposure. You can also use single colours as blush and highlight. The powder is also resistant to water, sweat and sebum.

Protection Rate: SPF50+/PA++++

Price: 1,650 yen (11g)

-ParaDo Buzz Guard UV

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ParaDo is a cosmetics brand launched by 7-eleven, the largest convenience store chain in Japan. The brand offers various beauty products from skin care to makeup ranges sold widely at 7-eleven stores. Most of the products are inexpensive (less then 1,000 yen) and mini-sized which are very convenient when you need cosmetics products urgently but don’t wanna carry the whole package. Parado Buss Guard UV (パラドゥ バズ ガードUV) is a SPF 50 multi-purpose UV gel works as both sunscreen and insect repellent and fights against two of the biggest enemies to our skin during summer. The product contains eucalyptus essence and substances that are effective to repel insects. It’s super waterproof and long-lasting, but the texture is light and it contains some beauty ingredients that can be used on delicate skin or for small kids. It’s a perfect item for outdoor activity in summer, and you can buy it at 7-eleven stores across Japan.

Protection Rate: SPF50/PA++++

Price: 711 yen (40g)

Thanks for reading! I hope you have enjoyed checking out my list of the best Japanese sunscreen in 2020! Which product you wanna try most? I hope you can find the best sunscreen which are perfectly suited for your skin!

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