10 Best Shipping Services from Japan

Recommended International Mail Services Overseas from Japan

10 Best Shipping Services from Japan

Buying souvenirs in a foreign county when you go on a vacation is one of the fun things to do. Have you ever had the experience where you got carried away and bought a little too much stuff and your suitcase got too heavy? Carrying heavy luggage can be stressful when you are traveling from place to place. Or maybe you’re living in Japan and want to send something to your family or friends living abroad.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Using a shipping service would be your ultimate solution. We will be listing up 10 best shipping services in japan. Please use this article as a reference when you are considering using a Japanese shipping service.

1. EMS (Japan Post)

EMS (Japan Post)
Copyright (C) JAPAN POST Co.,Ltd.

EMS is one of the fastest shipping services in Japan and the fastest service Japan Post offers. Your package will be shipped with air transportation.​​ They also offer Airmail (Delivery at normal speed) as well, so if you are not in such a rush, this service will be your other option. EMS and also the normal airmail come with tracking service, so you will be able to check the shipping details.

Japan Post also offers a service called “Cool EMS” to which you can ship frozen or chilled items. However, please note that they only cover 8 countries/areas: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, and France. 

If you want to ship a 5 kg package from Tokyo to California, USA, the duration, prices, and such will be …

With EMS: 15,100 yen / 2~3days

With normal air mail: 14,200 yen /San Francisco 8 days, Los Angeles 6 days

▶EMS official website: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/ems/index_en.html

2. SAL (Japan Post)

Japan Post
Copyright (C) JAPAN POST Co.,Ltd.

SAL is offered by Japan Post as well. SAL stands for “Surface Air Lifted” which means packages will be delivered with sea mail/ surface mail within Japan and your destination country. However, when a package goes between Japan to your destination country, it will be shipped by air mail. For that, it will be cheaper than using airmail only and faster than only using sea mail/surface mail.
If you want to ship a 5 kg package from Tokyo to California, USA, the duration, prices, and such will be …

7,700 yen /San Francisco About 2 weeks, Los Angeles About 2 weeks

▶SAL official website: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/service/dispatch/sal_en.html

3. Surface Mail (Japan Post)

Japan Post
Copyright (C) JAPAN POST Co.,Ltd.

Surface mail, also known as sea mail is the cheapest shipping option. However, as you probably know, it will take days and weeks to get to its destination, so if you are in no rush at all and want the cheapest option, this service is for you. lt also comes with a tracking service so you can see the details of where your package is.

If you want to ship a 5 kg package from Tokyo to California, USA, the duration, prices, and such will be …

5,400 yen /Mainland About 2 months

▶Surface Mail official website: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/service/dispatch/index_en.html

4. Yamato Transport

Yamato Transport
© Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.

Yamato shipping service “TA-Q-BIN” can be shipped out from Yamato Transport Sales Office where you can get a 100 yen discount per parcel. Also, some hotels offer a service where you can send out packages from your hotel lobby counter.

Please note that in the following countries, parcels other than documents cannot be handled when either the shipper or receiver is a private individual: China, the Philippines, Mongolia, India, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Venezuela, Portugal, Russia, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

If you want to ship a 5 kg package from Tokyo to the USA, the duration, prices, and such will be …

4,650 yen / within size 80 cm and 5 kg or lighter package / 4-6 days

The parcel size is the total width, length, and height in centimeters.

▶Yamato Transport official website: https://www.kuronekoyamato.co.jp/ytc/en/

5. FedEx

© FedEx 1995-2022

FedEx is one of the most well-known shipping services in the world. They offer more than five shipping services so please check their official website to see which service fits your needs. You can organize your shipping process online. Just create a FedEx account on their official website and schedule pickups.

FedEx also offers a tracking service to see where your package is at. Please click here to calculate the price and duration. You don’t need to create an account when you only want to see the price and duration, but by creating an account, you will be able to use discounted rates.

▶FedEx official website: https://www.fedex.com/en-jp/home.html

6. Sagawa Express

Sagawa Express
©1999-2022 Sagawa Express Co.,Ltd.

Sagawa Express offers two international shipping services for individual customers. One of those is Hikyaku Global Express. This service offers door-to-door delivery to over 220 countries and regions worldwide. The service is available for parcels up to 260 cm (total dimensions of 3 sides) and up to 50 kg per parcel. However, in the case of sending multiple items, a total weight limit of 500 kg is applied. Please contact the Global Call Center (0120-18-9595) to inquire about baggage exceeding the above limits.

If you want to ship a 5kg package from Tokyo to California, USA, the duration, prices, and such will be …

16,400 yen / 2-3 days

▶Sagawa Express official website: https://www.sagawa-exp.co.jp/english/

7. Nippon Express

Nippon Express

Nippon Express is a Japan-based shipping company. It was founded in 1937. Their global network comprises over 739 locations worldwide and has a high global reputation. For example, they have transported “Venus de Milo” and the “Mona Lisa”. Nippon Express provides services for many corporations around the world, but also private customers, and offers four shipping services which are Air freight, Ocean freight, Ground freight, and Railway freight.

If your package is less than 45 kg, you will be able to ship your things on a service called “SKY-EX (small package)”. There are more than 200 countries and regions you will be able to transport your package. Your shipping request and making an invoice can be done online, which you need to make a “Net Navi” account. After the online process, you will need to print out an A4-sized invoice and have your documentation and your actual package ready to pick them up at your door.  

▶Nippon Express official website: https://www.nipponexpress.com/

8. DHL

2022 © DHL International GmbH.

DHL mainly offers you thorough transportation which means that all transportation processes, from pickup to delivery, are performed by DHL. After the driver gets your package, DHL worldwide network which covers 220 countries and regions will deliver your package door-to-door. Also tracking service is available online or by e-mail, which can be checked in real-time.

DHL shipping service can be organized online. First, you need to pack your items, get the essential documents ready online and hand them over to DHL at a drop-off location or ask them to pick up your package. You can ship without a DHL account and pay by cash or credit card, but they also offer you discounts if you make an account online.

If you want to ship a 20 cm × 15 cm × 10 cm, 5 kg package from Tokyo to San Fransisco, California, USA, the duration, prices, and such will be …

around 18,000 -26,000 yen / around 5 days

▶DHL official website: https://www.dhl.com/jp-en/home.html

9. Seino Transportation

Copyright © 2020 Seino Transportation Co.,Ltd.

Seino Transportation offers three shipping services: LCL (stands for Less Container Load), kangaroo international courier service, and international AIR Pack service.

For cargo with less than one international sea container, you can use LCL, which transports cargo by stacking it with other customers’ cargo. If you are considering airmail, kangaroo international courier service and international AIR Pack service are for you. When you are using kangaroo international courier service, the weight and size of your package have to be up to 30 kg per package, the total length, width, and height be within 175 cm, and the length of one side within 1 m. Please note that by using the International AIR Pack service, the package can be shipped to the US (Los Angeles, Chicago, New York), Germany (Frankfurt), Netherlands (Amsterdam), the UK (London), France (Paris), Italy (Milan), Singapore (Singapore), Thailand (Bangkok), Myanmar (Kuala Lumpur), Vietnam (Hanoi), South Korea (Incheon), China (Shanghai), Taiwan (Taipei), and Hong Kong.

▶Seino Transportation official website: https://www.seino.co.jp/en/

10. UPS

Copyright ©1994- 2022 United Parcel Service of America, Inc.

UPS which stands for “United Parcel Service” is an American company. In 1907, two teenage entrepreneurs created what would become the world’s largest package delivery service. Today, UPS has grown to become a Fortune 500 company and one of the world’s largest shipping couriers. You can organize your shipping online, and choose between dropping off or asking them to pick up your package. 

If you want to ship a 20 cm × 15 cm × 10 cm, 5 kg package from Tokyo to San Fransisco, California, USA, the duration, prices, and such will be …

around 22,000 -30,000 yen / 1-6 days

▶UPS official website: https://www.ups.com/jp/en/Home.page?

Researching and choosing delivery companies can be very hard. I hope this list helped you even a little to find the perfect way to ship your things to your home that matches your personal needs because no one wants their journey back home to be stressful and tiring. Checking each official website or even asking directly at their offices is a must when you want to find out more detailed information. Using a delivery service can lessen your stress levels when you are on a way to the airport, at the airport, or even on the way home from the airport.

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