Best Japanese Eyebrow Mascaras

Must-Buy Eyebrow Gel Mascaras in Japan

Eyebrows play a very important part in makeup as they define the first impression and can completely change the look of the face. Eyebrow makeup products are available with various types including pencil, powder and tint, which you can choose depending how you like the finish of your eyebrows.

If you want to create a trendy natural look, keeping the original shape of your eyebrows but with a bit more definition, eyebrow gel (commonly called eyebrow mascara in Japan) is probably the best choice. The gel formula contains polymer to shape eyebrows and hold them in place for long. Eyebrow gel makes brows look fuller yet not too dramatic. It’s also a great product to change the colour of your eyebrows to match with the hair colour or outfit without dying them.

As eyebrow mascara has been a trending beauty product here in Japan, numbers of products are now available on the market. So in this article, I would like to introduce the top-selling Japanese eyebrow mascaras available at Japanese drugstores.

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1. INTEGRATE Nuance Eyebrow Mascara

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INTEGRATE Nuance Eyebrow Mascara (インテグレート ニュアンスアイブローマスカラ) is a trending makeup product in Japan over the past few years and won multiple beauty awards. The non-sticky, powdery textured eyebrow mascara tints each hair of eyebrows without leaving them stiff. With the powder finish formula, it gives a soft and natural finish that lasts for many hours. It’s resistant to sweat and sebum, yet can be easily removed with warm water. Available with 5 different shades that can be chosen according to your skin and hair colour.

Price: 880 yen 【Shop Online】

2. Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow

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Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow (へビーローテーションカラーリングアイブロウ) is one of the most popular drugstore cosmetics products in Japan today. It’s available with a wide colour variation which you can select to match your hair colour. It coats and colours eyebrows beautifully and gives a natural, soft finish with a single application. It features a technical brush which makes it easy to apply on brows without touching the skin. The multi-proof formula is resistant to sweat, water, sebum and rubbing, but can be removed easily with warm water. It contains panthenol to protect eyebrows. Available 8 shades.

Price: 880 yen 【Shop Online】

3. KATE 3D Eyebrow Color

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The popular Japanese makeup brand, KATE offers a range of eyebrow products with different formula and benefits. If you wish to get a trendy look using the most of your original arches, eyebrow mascara could be a perfect choice. KATE 3D Eyebrow Color (ケイト 3Dアイブロウカラー) is an eyebrow mascara to style and color eyebrows with 3 dimensional look without stickiness. It contains powder that creates a soft finish and fine pearl particles that develops a solid colour. The newly improved brush allows you to shape brows easily and apply fine details. It’s highly resistant to sweat, sebum and rubbing, yet easy to take off by warm water. Available with 6 shades.

Price: 935 yen 【Shop Online】

4. Visee Instant Eyebrow Color

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Visee Instant Eyebrow Color (ヴィセ インスタント アイブロウ カラー) is an eyebrow mascara that creates an instant colour with just one coat with the newly improved coverage and colour development. The soft keep formula forms a flexible veil and holds the shape of brows without drying them out. It features the compact brush that catches brows from the roots and apply evenly without clamping. The film type mascara can be removed effortlessly with warm water. It contains beauty serums like hyaluronic acid and mineral oil to moisturize the delicate eye area. Available with 5 shades.

Price: 880 yen 【Shop Online】

5. Dejavu Eyebrow Color

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Dejavu is a Japanese makeup brand, best known for the cult-favourite long-lasting tubing mascaras. So it is no surprise that they also produce good eyebrow mascaras. Dejavu Eyebrow Color (デジャヴュ アイブロウカラー) features the special micro film that adheres to brows evenly and achieve both soft texture and great colour development. By forming a thin film, it prevents clumping and hardening brows, leaving the original soft and natural texture of eyebrows. With the tiny brush, you can easily catch each brows and shape them without touching the skin. It’s resistant to sweat, sebum and rubbing, yet can be easily removed by warm water,

Price: 880 yen 【Shop Online】

6. Ettusais Eye Edition Brow Mascara

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Ettusais Eye Edition Brow Mascara (エテュセ アイエディション ブロウマスカラ) is an eyebrow mascara that creates a soft and trendy look with ash shades. It blends well and tints your eyebrow naturally without hardening them. The slim tree-shaped brush allows you to apply thin, narrow areas such as the end of brows. It’s resistant to sweat and sebum, and holds the beautiful finish for hours. It can be removed easily with warm water. It contains beauty ingredients such as amino acid and hyaluronic acid to nourish brows. Available with 4 shades.

Price: 1,320 yen 【Shop Online】

7. DHC Eyebrow Mascara

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DHC Eyebrow Mascara (DHCアイブローマスカラ) is an eyebrow mascara that allows you to create an ideal eyebrows without any technique. It features the watery formula that gives a smooth and natural finish. The mini tree brush fits any shape of eyebrows and colours them evenly. It contains flexible lasting polymer that coats brows and protect them from sweat, sebum and rubbing. It holds the beautiful finish throughout the day without smudging. 3 kinds of nourishing ingredients(panthenol, hyaluronic acid and squalane) are blended. It’s free of paraben and fragrance. Available with 3 shades

Price: 1,210 yen 【Shop Online】

Thanks for reading! I hope you have enjoyed checking out my picks of the best Japanese eyebrow mascaras! The listed products are commonly sold at drugstores, cosmetics stores and variety shops in Japan, and some of products are also available to shop online with international shipping!

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