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Japanese Candy comes in a variety and unique flavors to choose from compared to other countries. In Japan, you will be amazed by the unusual flavors of candy here with colorful appearance and delicious taste. In Japan, having candy in the bag is something normal for Japanese people as part of their daily routine, especially those going to work, school, and going out, it gives a relaxed feeling and is an effective hunger suppressant.

There are different types of candy sold in any store in Japan. You can buy it at any convenience store, supermarket, drugstore, candy store, etc. They have a large selection of candies; there are fruit flavors, throat candy, and salty and sour flavors.

Many tourists also love snacks and candies made in Japan, apart from its unique flavors, its design, shapes, colors, and packaging are also amazing. Many of them are buying and bringing them home abroad as souvenirs.

In this article, I will share the best Japanese Candies that you must try when you visit Japan. You buy it easily anywhere in Japan or you can purchase it online. See the link below for purchasing it online.

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1. Milky


Milky is a product of the famous Japanese confectionery company Fujiya. It is also the long-selling milk soft candy in Japan with the natural taste of milk. Hyakumenso Peko chan’s character on their packaging because of its natural milk taste that’s why children and adults like it.

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2. Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups is a famous candy all over the world with almost 150 countries selling it. Here in Japan, it became a favorite because of its colorful and cute packaging in addition to its delicious flavors that give a refreshing taste of fruits and soda including some seasonal flavors in Japan. Good for parties, occasions, and gifts.

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3. Puchao


Made by UHA Mikakuto with the concept to make products that are not only delicious but also gentle. Puchao is a unique soft candy with a fruity taste and juicy gummy bits. With four kinds of fruit flavors to enjoy in one pack grapes, mango, strawberry, and melon.

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4. Hi-Chew

Hi-Chew is the most popular chewy candy and one of the products of Morinaga, the famous confectionery company in Japan, with almost 165 flavors and unique textures.

The Hi-Chew assort has the three most popular flavors in one pack: grapes, strawberry, and green apple with the natural taste of fruit juice creamy and chewy texture. The Hi-Chew Fantasy mix comes in three unique flavors in one pack, the Rainbow Sherbet (raspberries, lime, and orange), Blue Raspberry (taste of natural fruit juice of raspberry), and Blue Hawaii (taste of ripe pineapple and sweet citrus).

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5. Meiji Kaju Gummy

Kaju gummy candy is made by the Meiji company in Japan. A fruit gummy of Unshu mandarin orange and grape flavors that gives you a clear and rich refreshing taste. It has a firm and chewy texture like you are eating a fruit, it is not too sweet that’s why it is addictive when you taste it.

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6. Mitsuya Cider Candy

Mitsuya Cider Candy

Mitsuya Cider candy is the product of Asahi which is known for its best-selling soda drinks in Japan. Mitsuya Cider with its candy that has various flavors and become the most popular sweet candy that matches their beverage flavors. A hard texture of candy with a juicy and crisp taste that gives you a satisfying and refreshing experience. It comes with the original flavor of grapes, lemon, orange, peach, and other seasonal flavors.

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7. Kanro Golden Milk Candy

Kanro Golden Milk Candy

Kanro’s golden milk candy is a high-quality milk candy with the rich taste of fresh milk. Made with selected ingredients from fresh cream produced in Hokkaido, a major production area of fine dairy products in Japan. Perfect candy in the morning and throughout the day. All candies are wrapped individually, so you can put one in your pocket and have it anytime.

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8.  Kanro Fruit Throat Candy

Kanro Fruit Throat Candy

Kanro’s fruit throat candy is also one of the products of the well-known confectionery in Japan, Kanro. It is a sugar-free throat lozenge with no artificial sweeteners, it has four kinds of fruit flavors to enjoy lemon, orange, grapes, and peach flavor. It is also in a resealable pack and all the candies inside are individually wrapped so it’s convenient to carry you can put one in your pocket and have it anytime.

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9. UHA Mikakuto  E-ma Throat Candy

The E-ma throat candy is a Japanese product from UHA Mikakuto with unique round-shaped packaging that is stylish and easy to carry. With a variety of fruit flavors to enjoy made with real fruit juice that contains Vitamins that help to relieve throat irritation.

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10. Lion Giga Mint Candy

Lion Sweets Giga Mint Candy

Giga mint candy is one of the products of Lion’s Confectionery, the oldest sweet company in Japan. Giga mint candy contains caffeine and arginine with super strong mint exhilaration. This strongest-flavor candy is perfect for driving, working, studying, and for those who feel sleepy.

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11. Sakuma S15 Bag of Drops

Sakuma S15 Bag of Drops

Sakuma drops is one of the long-selling products of Sakuma, a well-known confectionery in Japan made from various delicious fruits with 8 flavors such as strawberries, apples, mints, plums, lemons, oranges, melons, and pineapple with 5 different shapes.

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12. Lioness Coffee Candy

Lioness Coffee Candy

Lioness coffee candy is the long-selling product of Lion’s confectionery company since its release in 1964. The candy is made from high-quality coffee beans which are carefully selected and processed into candy for the authentic taste of coffee.  And is still a favorite of all ages until now.

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13. Morinaga Ramune Candy

Morinaga Ramune Candy

The Ramune soda candy is the product of Morinaga, one of the well-known sweets companies in Japan. It is the most popular and best-selling soda flavor candy containing the sweetness and freshness of traditional Japanese soda. Favorite candy of all ages in Japan known for its unique and cute bottle shape and ease of carry.

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14. Konpeito Candy

Kasugai Konpeito Candy

Konpeito candy is a type of traditional Japanese candy called Japanese sugar candy that has a star shape and different colors. Apart from their attractive colors, they have various of flavors to enjoy in one pack and some seasonal flavors. Good for a short break to eat something sweet for energy.

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15. Otoko Ume Candy

Otoko Ume Candy

Otoko ume candy is the best-selling candy of Nobel, one of the popular confectionery companies in Japan. It is made from Japanese plums or umeboshi and has an intensely sour and salty taste. It’s a hard candy and all candies are individually wrapped, good for throat and upset stomach.

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