Best Anime Movies of 2023

List of the Best Anime Movies Released in 2023

Best Anime Movies 2023

Japan has more well-known for anime to not only Otaku geeks but a wider range of people all over the world, and there are countless fans of anime who expect nice contents both in the country and overseas every year. Tens of new anime are aired on TV in each of four seasons and a large number of new anime movies shows at the movie theater.

Following some smash-hits in 2022 such as One Piece Film Red, Suzume and The First Slam dunk, lots of anticipated anime films are scheduled to be released in 2023: From the first Ghibli movie directed by Hayao Miyazaki in ten years to a new animation adaptation from the popular game series Super Mario Bros.

Some popular anime movies are also screened worldwide around the same time or a little later than Japan. Here is the list of the best anime movies of 2023 for both anime beginners and advanced lovers. Don’t miss these great works this year!

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1. How Do You Live?

How Do You Live?
©2023 Studio Ghibli

How Do You Live? (君たちはどう生きるか), a new Studio Ghibli movie directed by Hayao Miyazaki, will become one of the best anime movies of 2023 as many fans of anime agree with that. It is waited worldwide as the first film by Hayao Miyazaki in ten years following his precious work The Wind Rises. How Do You Live? is partly inspired by Yoshino Genzaburo’s novel with the same title published in 1937, which is based on reality. However, this Ghibli film in 2023 tells a fantasy adventure story of a protagonist. Let’s see if it can meet the expectation of global fans of Studio Ghibli and Japanese anime!

Release Date: July 14, 2023

2. Spy x Family: The Movie

The first season of the hottest spy-themed comedy anime series Spy x Family ended in December 2022, which aired with 25 episodes. It was announced that the second season and a new anime movie would be made in 2023 at a time. Lots of fans are interested in exciting stories of the skilled spy and assassin Loid and Yor and a cute and funny characteristic of their adopted daughter Anya. The first anime movie of Spy x Family is newly written by Tatsuya Endo while the anime series is based on his current manga series.

Release Date: 2023

3. Kimi no Iro

Kimi no Iro (きみの色) is one of the most anticipated anime movie released in 2023. By a modern Japanese animation studio Science Saru, it is made as a new original anime film directed by Naoko Yamada, who is famous for A Silent Voice in 2016 and K-On! The Movie in 2011. Set in Nagasaki, Kimi no Iro tells a coming-of-age and romance story of a mission school girl Totsuko. She can visualize the emotions of others as colors. It is scheduled to come to theater in the autumn of 2023.

Release Date: Autumn, 2023

4. Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine

The famous mystery anime series Detective Conan releases a new anime movie every year while it has aired on TV since 1996, and Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine (名探偵コナン 黒鉄の魚影) is the title coming to April, 2023. In the previous film Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween in 2022, the first trailer of Black Iron Submarine was released. This latest movie focuses on the Black Organization and a key character Anita Hailey, who was also transformed into a child as well as the protagonist Jimmy Kudo.

Release Date: April 14, 2023

5. The Super Mario Bros. Movie

The Super Mario Bros. Movie (ザ・スーパーマリオブラザーズ・ムービー) is an expected animation movie made by Nintendo and Illumination in 2023. It is based on the series of Super Mario that started as Super Mario Bros. in 1985 and continues to the present. It is scheduled to be released in North America in the early April and in Japan in the late April. Don’t miss the exciting adventure of Mario and his fellows if you are a fan of Nintendo games or anime.

Release Date: April 7, 2023

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