Villa Fontaine Haneda Airport Collaboration Rooms with Kokuyo Stationery

Stationery themed rooms: Villa Fontaine Haneda Collaboration with KOKUYODOORS

Villa Fontaine Grand Haneda Airport

Sumitomo Fudosan Villa Fontaine Co., Ltd. announced that their Villa Fontaine Grand Haneda Airport has launched a collaboration rooms with a Kokuyo stationery theme under the supervision of Kokuyo’s directly managed store KOKUYODOORS, a store that attracts both domestic and international customers by showcasing the allure of Japan’s unique stationery.

With over 1,550 tooms, Villa Fontaine Haneda Airport is Japan’s largest airport hotel, located within the Haneda Airport Terminal 3 complex, serving as Japan’s gateway. This collaboration marks Kokuyo’s first step into partnering with a hotel, offering a taste of the world of Kokuyo stationery!

Haneda Airport Garden
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Following their commitment to celebrating Japanese culture, Villa Fontaine Grand Haneda Airport has conceived a collaboration room that embodies the essence of stationery. Their intention is to provide guests with an immersive experience surrounded by stationery items, further enriching their stay at Villa Fontaine Haneda Airport.

To offer guests to enjoy a truly distinctive experience centered around stationery, Villa Fontaine Haneda Airport has meticulously designed three collaboration rooms, each with its own unique concept. Even the little things, like the bed covers with notebook lines, are made to bring delight to stationery fans. Keep reading to know the features and highlights of the three collaboration rooms.


Villa Fontaine Grand Haneda Airport
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With stationery items magnified to nearly 11 times their usual size, the room exudes a playful atmosphere reminiscent of trick art.


Villa Fontaine Grand Haneda Airport
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Adorning the walls are sleek white stationery items, creating a minimalist and refined ambiance. The bed covers feature a design reminiscent of grid-lined notebooks.


Villa Fontaine Grand Haneda Airport
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Embracing a fanciful design, the room is adorned with stationery items boasting hand-drawn illustrations, adding an artistic touch to the ambiance.

Novelty: Special Unique Souvenir

As part of this collaboration, hotel guests will receive a special gift: specifically crafted for this partnership, limited edition surveyor’s and canvas notebooks, featuring unique designs, are exclusively available to guests in limited quantities.

Additionally, guests will find a selection of popular stationery items with exclusive hotel designs in the gift box. These include canvas notebooks, neatly housed in a custom-sized file box—a signature of Kokuyo.

Villa Fontaine Grand Haneda Airport
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Limited Edition Design: Surveyor’s Notebook (Limited Quantity, followed by a choice of one limited edition design canvas notebook)

  • Limited Edition Design: Tote Bag
  • Limited Edition Design: Clear Pouch
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Eraser
  • GLOO Stick Glue
  • 2-Tone Color Marker “Mark Tass”
  • 10% OFF coupon valid at KOKUYODOORS located in Haneda Airport Garden

* The images used are for illustration purposes only, and the contents of the novelty items are subject to change without prior notice.

Hotel Villa Fontaine Haneda Garden Airport

Haneda Airport Garden

Haneda Airport Garden hosts HOTEL VILLA FONTAINE, the country’s largest airport hotel, split into Grand and Premium sections.

With over 1500 rooms, including various styles like Japanese-Western, twin, triple, queen, and king, guests have plenty of options for their stay. The rooms, especially in the Grand section, are designed for luxury and comfort. The hotel also features two restaurants. The Grand hotel restaurant is open to the public, while the Premium hotel restaurant offers exclusive access to guests and boasts a bar area with river views.

Hot Spring: Izumi Tenku no Yu

Haneda Airport Garden

VILLA FONTAINE’s highlight is its onsen, Izumi Tenku no Yu, offering rejuvenating hot spring baths sourced from 1,500 meters underground, renowned for their moisturizing effects. Open 24/7 to all, not just hotel guests, it features indoor and outdoor baths, saunas, a restaurant with scenic dining, massages, and relaxation areas—perfect for unwinding or pre-flight relaxation. On a clear day you can see Mount Fuji from the women’s bathroom!

Japan is famous for its hot spring culture, one of the favorite activities of the Japanese. The hot springs are believed to have many beneficial properties for the body, helping you to stay healthier and younger.

Shops & Restaurants

One of the most interesting parts of Haneda Airport Garden is its carefully chosen selection of shops and restaurants.

Located on the first floor, you’ll find an array of souvenir shops offering unique products. Indulge in exclusive snacks like regional Kit Kat flavors or mythical illustrations from a collaboration with the National Museum of Art. Luxury items such as handmade Japanese umbrellas and locally made bags are also available, alongside merchandise from popular anime and manga—the perfect keepsake from your trip to Japan. And of course you can’t miss a visit to KOKUYODOORS, Kokuyo’s stationery store!

Head to the B1 floor for an exceptional dining experience, where you can savor Japanese eel (unagi) or wagyu beef sukiyaki. For a meat-free option, try the udon restaurant serving up Japanese wheat flour noodles.

For more info: Haneda Airport Garden

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