Hakone Sengokuhara Pampas Grass Field

Must-See Autumn Scenery in Japan: the Gorgeous Pampas Grass Field in Hakone!

Don’t miss the gorgeous scenery of autumn in Japan! Sengokuhara pampas grass field is one of must-visit tourist destinations during autumn. The golden pampas grass covered the vast field on the mountain hill of Hakone.

Hakone is a famous Onsen resort town in the northwest of Kanagawa Prefecture, and a popular side trip destination from Tokyo which can be accessed in 2 hours from the central Tokyo. The town is surrounded by the beautiful nature such as mountains, the forest and the lake. It’s especially recommended to visit in autumn when the trees are turning into warm autumn colours and displays the stunning view of autumn scenery.

One of the best spots to visit in Hakone in Autumn is Sengokuhara Pampas Grass Field (仙石原すすき草原) which is located on the hillslope of Daigatake Mountain. The countless fluffy pampas grass covers the vast field and displays the stunning landscape. If you visit there during summer, you will also enjoy watching the grass in fresh green, however the most recommended time is when the grass slowly turn its colour from green to shiny gold from late September to early November.

The view of the golden field of pampas grass is absolutely breathtaking. It attracts a large number of visitors during the season. The trail runs through the fields, where visitors can walk through being surrounded by the stunning golden pampas grass.

If you are visiting Japan for autumn leaves, besides maple trees and ginkgo bilobas, you should definitely watch golden pampas grass only this time of the year!

< Sengokuhara Pampas Grass Field (仙石原すすき草原) >


Access: a short walk from Sengoku Kogen Bus Stop (Hakone Tozan Bus Line (T) from Hakone Yumoto Station)

Best time to visit: late September to early November

Hours: Always open

Official website: https://www.hakone.or.jp/en/526

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