Family Mart Cat Day Sweets in Japan

In February 2024 in Japan enjoy Family Mart Cat Day Sweet Treats!

Family Mart Cat Day Sweets

Family Mart launched the Family Nyatto Great Strategy! in celebration of Cat Day (猫の日) on February 22nd. Since February 13th, customers can find a total of 19 cat-themed products in Family Mart stores nationwide. In Japanese, the onomatopoeia for the sound that cats make (meow in English) is ‘Nyan’, so the name Family Nyatto is a is a play on words and Japanese people can notice this is cat’s goods.

Alongside the usual offerings like sweets, bread, chilled drinks and baked goods that have been consistently offered since 2023, Family Mart is introducing new additions such as original coffee cups, gummies, bottled drinks, and daily necessities tailored to Cat Day. This time, collaboration products with the popular illustrator “mofusand,” and packages featuring illustrations by “Coony” are also avilable.

To me, the best part of the collection are the adorable and yummy treats in different cat-shapes, that for sure will make your day sweeter.

Want to know more? Read to the end to know all the products that you can find at Family Mart Japan for the Cat Day!


First up, we’ve got the Cat Caramel & Vanilla Cream Sandwich. With an cute cat shape that immediately catches the eye this cake is adorned with a marbled pattern of two types of caramel dough and generously filled with creamy vanilla cream.

And for those who enjoy adorable treats, the Strawberry Paw Buns resembles small cat paws and is filled with delightful strawberry flavor and a hint of milk.

Cat Caramel & Vanilla Cream Sandwich 158 yen

Paw-shaped Bread (Strawberry Flavor) 155 yen

Continuing with the sweets collection, we have the Melting Chocolate Cookie Vanilla Flavor, shaped like a cat to look like the Hachiware cat. These cookies not are only lovely but also have a soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture, just like cuddly cats.

On the other hand, the Baumkuchen – Cat’s Meow Flavor is a caramel baumkuchen with a slightly larger hole in the center shaped like a cat.

Melting Chocolate Cookies – Cat’s Meow Vanilla Flavor 128 yen

Baumkuchen – Cat’s Meow Flavor 218 yen

That’s not all! More delicious sweets are also available, and some of them came with a super cute mug that you can take home.

Mofusand Mug & White Peach Jelly 930 yen

Soufflé Pudding – Caramel Nya-te 368 yen

Macanyan – Banana & Strawberry Milk Flavor 298 yen

Mofusand Round Baked Treat 230 yen


Family Mart Cat Day Sweets

In the non-sweets lineup, we found products wrapped in collaboration packages with mofusand. Of particular interest is the dessert beverage Kuromitsu Kinakonyate, blending fragrant roasted soybean flour with flavorful black syrup and milk. Not only does it boast an adorable cat design on the bottle, but it also comes with an original cat ear cap on top.

Kuromitsu Kinakonyate 235 yen

FAMIMA CAFÉ M (Collaboration Cup) 180 yen

FAMIMA CAFÉ L (Collaboration Cup) 220 yen

Delicious Unsweetened Afternoon Tea Special Package 138 yen

Family Mart Cat Day Sweets

The UHA Flavor Gummy – Meow have a cute design that instantly grabs attention. Each gummy looks like a cat from mofusand and comes in flavors like cola, orange soda, and white soda, just like a calico cat.

UHA Flavor Gummy – Meow 213 yen

Nyan-Tomo Delicious Series

Family Mart Cat Day Sweets

From the Nyantomo Delicious Series, customers will find a rich baked cheesecake featuring a deep brown color and resembling patch patterns. The package features two different cat designs.

Nyan-tastically Delicious Rich Baked Cheesecake 248 yen

Collaboration with Yamato Transport

Family Mart Cat Day Sweets

Furthermore, a new collaboration sweet with Yamato Transport group is also available in the Nyantomo Delicious Series. A delicious and lovely cake made with chocolate biscuits and chocolate cream on top of the sponge, then coated it with chocolate.

Black Cat Chocolate Cake 450 yen


In addition to all of the above, everyday products that are sold year-round are now available for a limited time with an exclusive design.

mofusand Scottish 220-piece 368 yen

Inaba CIAO Churu 3-Flavor Assortment (Special Package) 328 yen

What do you think? If you are a cat lover, and are in February 2024 in Japan, run to your nearest Family Mart to don’t miss this special collection!

Thanks for reading. For more information about the best treats and food to have in Japan this Spring 2024, you can check out these articles too!

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