Pompompurin x Pastel Sweets Collection 2024 Spring

Pompompurin Collaborates with Pastel Pudding for Delicious Sweets

Pompompurin, one of the most beloved characters created by Sanrio, is collaborating with Pastel this spring, and releasing a limited-time sweets collections of super cute and delicious cakes and puddings.

Founded in 1984, Pastel is a Japanese sweets company, famous for its signature product Nameraka Pudding, a rich, smooth and creamy custard pudding.

Since 2020, Pastel has been collaborating with Pompompurin, the little yellow Golden Retriever character who loves his mum’s caramel pudding. In 2024 spring, Pastel and Pumpumpurin will team up again for a new sweets collection, specially to celebrate Pompompurin’s birthday on 16th April with everyone. The 2024’s collection includes 7 items, including 6 new desserts.

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▲ Pompompurin 2-tier Cake (5,680 yen): a gorgeous 2 tiered cake made with layered chiffon cakes with the size of of 15cm and 9cm, which is perfect for birthday celebration. *reservation required at least 7 days in advance

▲ Marugoto Pompompurin (680 yen): it’s made by layering vanilla mousse on Nameraka Pudding and depicting the face and bottom of Pumpumpurin, and you can enjoy a melt-in-your-mouth texture with smooth pudding and fluffy mousse.

▲ Pompompurin a la Mode (700 yen): it comes with sponge cake and whipped cream topped with Nameraka Pudding and peach, kiwi and strawberry and is served in a cup with a pick with Pompompurin design.

▲ Pompompurin Mini Pudding (460 yen): a Nameraka Pudding layered with whipped cream with a illustration of Pompompurin drawn with cocoa powder, which you can enjoy the smooth and melting texture of the pudding and the gentle taste of whipped cream.

▲ Pompompurin Petit Bag (800 yen): a set of 5 pieces of langue de chat cookies packed in a special bag with Pompompurin design and comes with original stickers.

▲ Pompompurin Chiffon Cake (2,600 yen): a popular sweet that has been released for 5 years since the Pompompurin and Pastel’s collaboration started. The 15cm chiffon cake is filled with diplomat cream and caramel sauce, and its surface is finished with pudding cream and caramel sauce that flow out when you put a knife into it.

Pompompurin and Pastel’s sweets collection will be available at Pastel stores nationwide from 1 March to 30 April. (*excludes some stores)

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