10 Best Hotels in South Korea

Top Hotel to Stay in South Korea

Planning on traveling across South Korea? If that is the case, one of the first things you will be looking for is a place to stay. Hopefully, this is just the article for you!

South Korea is known for its delicious Korean cuisine and majestic temples. Nowadays, it is also very famous for its K-pop and Korean drama. There are many beautiful places in South Korea apart from temples; there are old villages, parks, museums, and other places you can explore. You can also experience wearing their traditional costume while exploring. The unique blend of tradition, culture, and technology has captured the world’s attention, to discover more about the country.

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The country also offers a diverse range of hotels that reflect the country. From Luxurious high-rise accommodations/hotels to traditional Korean guesthouses boasting modern amenities and panoramic views of the city. And if you are planning to visit the country and looking for a place to stay here are some hotels in different parts of South Korea that give a guest a comfortable resting place and immersive experience.

In this article, I will introduce to you our list of the 10 best hotels in South Korea. I hope you are able to find some hotels of your preference.

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1. Roynet Hotel Seoul Mapo

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We start our list with the Roynet Hotel Seoul Mapo which is a hotel from Japan and the branch in Seoul Mapo is their first overseas hotel.

Here they offer excellent services and experience the best Japanese hospitality to give the guests great satisfaction. Prioritizing guest comfort, it offers sleek rooms and essential amenities. Elegant rooms with bathtubs and toilets, good facilities, and beautiful views from your room. Good for both tourist and business travelers.

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2. Four Seasons Hotel Seoul

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The Four Seasons Hotel Seoul is a luxury hotel in the center of Seoul with elegant and stylish rooms. The hotel offers great and world-class services. Give their guest a special treat that makes their stay memorable with its high-quality amenities and various dining options.

Located near historic sites and business districts, it’s the epitome of sophisticated urban living and hospitality in South Korea.

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3. Hotel Skypark Kingstown Dongdaemun

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Hotel Skypark Kingstown Dongdaemun is a modern hotel in Seoul’s bustling Dongdaemun district. It is a Korean business hotel with many branches in the city of Seoul and other parts of South Korea.

Located in the middle of downtown and very accessible to go to sightseeing and shopping areas. The hotel provides and focuses on the comfortable resting place, convenience, and safety of the guests.

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4. Stanford Hotel Busan

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Stanford Hotel Busan is a premium hotel located in Busan, South Korea’s coastal city. It is a place where you can stay to rest and relax in the city of Busan. Overlooking the serene Haeundae Beach, it offers guests upscale comfort with modern amenities.

The hotel is near the famous Jagalchi Market and Yongdusan Park. A perfect base for exploring Busan, they also provide easy access to transportation around Busan.

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5. Paradise Hotel Busan


Paradise Hotel Busan is a luxury resort situated along Busan’s famous Haeundae Beach. This hotel offers uniquely comfortable rest and relaxation that will make you feel like you are in an enchanted paradise.

Here, there are various activities that can be enjoyed by children and adults. Apart from their stylish rooms, you will be amazed by the beauty of the lounge paradise where you can enjoy the open view of the beach and garden.

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6. Grand Hyatt Incheon

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Grand Hyatt Incheon is the closest five-star hotel to Incheon International Airport. Close to the attraction areas, perfect place to stay and relax. Good for both tourist and business travelers. As one of the most renowned high-end hotels in the world, they provide excellent and world-class customer service.

It is a prime choice for travelers in transit or those exploring Incheon. Its blend of convenience and elegance ensures a memorable stay.

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7. Golden Tulip Incheon Airport Hotel and Suites


Golden Tulip Incheon Airport Hotel and Suites is a 4-star luxury hotel that belongs to the world’s 5th largest group. This hotel offers world-class customer service and the most advantage is it is close to the airport.

There are various facilities to hold a seminar and meetings and it is a perfect place to stay for a business trip. Ideal for travelers with layovers or early flights with comfortable rooms, airport shuttle services, and other facilities offered for guests.

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8. Parnas Hotel Jeju

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The Parnas Hotel Jeju is a hotel where you can enjoy nature. Perfect place to relax, here you will experience the natural environment such as wind, sea and the sky. A beautiful view from your room and the fresh ocean breeze.

Watch and enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean while having breakfast and a garden full of beautiful flowers. They also have an outdoor pool with an ocean view. And above all the customer service is great and all staff are friendly.

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9. Dyne Oceano Hotel


The Dyne Oceano Hotel and Resort is also one of the perfect places to stay on the island of Jeju to relax and rest. A beautiful place for a quick escape from the busy life in the city. Good for both tourist and business travelers. Experience the fresh breeze from the ocean to your room.

Guests can indulge in oceanfront views, comfortable accommodations, and local attractions.

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10. Jeju Shinhwa World Marriott Resort


The Marriott Hotel is the most well-known luxury hotel in the world. And here at Jeju Shinhwa World Marriott Resort, you can experience world-class customer service and entertainment with so many featured amenities on-site.

Amazing place with the elegant design of its rooms and facilities. It boasts top-tier amenities, world-class dining, and entertainment options.

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