Which Wagyu Beef You Should Try??

Japanese food is recognized as one of the best food in the world since Japanese traditional food “Washoku” has got registered in UNESCO’s…

Japanese food is recognized as one of the best food in the world since Japanese traditional food “Washoku” has got registered in UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Especially, Japanese beef “Wagyu” is getting a lot of attentions on global basis. Some gourmets come to Japan just for authentic wagyu beef. We are here to learn what’s different between various wagyu beefs.

Where Can You Eat Wagyu?

Wagyu is called different names depending on where cattle grow. For instance, the most famous one in Hyogo Prefecture is named Kobe Beef. You may have heard that name. Matsuzaka Beef is housed in Mie Prefecture and Omi Beef is raised in Shiga Prefecture. These three brands are also known as The Three Major Wagyu Beef. Nevertheless, it is a hasty conclusion that all you need to do for the most delicious beef is go to Kinki Region including the above prefectures. Because their stud bulls are originally from Miyazaki Prefecture located in Kyusyu Region. In fact, Kyushu region is actually the place where best Wagyu is from.


Which Wagyu Do We Recommend Most?

Do you know Wagyu Olympic is held once every five years? It is Japan’s national competitive exhibition of Wagyu. In 2012, the 10th Olympic was held, and the winner was from Miyazaki Prefecture. Most astonishingly, it has won the championship for second time straight(2007, 2012). Incidentally, Nagasaki Prefecture was the co-winner in 2012 which is also located in Kyusyu area. Therefore, in Kyushu there are the authentic Wagyu beef like Miyazaki Beef, Iki Beef and Goto Beef although the Kinki Region has many famous Wagyu Beef.


Find the restaurants you can eat the Miyazaki Beef ↓↓↓

The best way to taste Wagyu is Steak, Yakiniku, Sukiyaki, Shubushabu! Which way do you prefer to taste?? 🙂

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