Okunoshima: the Rabbit Island in Japan

Meet Adorable Rabbits at Okunoshima a.k.a. the Rabbit Island

Can you imagine the island which are occupied by wild animals in a real life? It does exist in the far east country, Japan. Once you enter the island, you may find yourself in a totally different word just like “the Planet of the Apes” but bunny version which probably much cuter.

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Okunoshima island (大久野島)

Okunoshima island a.k.a. “the Rabbit island” is a small island located in Seto Inland Sea in Hiroshima prefecture. The island played a key role during World War II as a poison gas factory for much of the chemical warfare that was carried out in China.

Now this island has become the cutest island in the world, which is occupied by numerous wild rabbits. It is believed that in 1971 one local boy freed 8 rabbits on this island and after many decades the number of the rabbits has increased to 900 today.

Every visitor to the island is welcomed by fluffy bunnies and they can enjoy feeding them or playing with them. The attraction of the island is not only cute bunnies but there are many more to enjoy such as hot springs, beautiful beaches, and cycling.

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To enjoy this unique island with bunnies safely, there are several rules to follow as below.

  1. Do not run after bunnies nor hold them in your arms, as they can be easily stressed out.
  2. Do not play with them in a public road to avoid traffic accident.

3. As bunnies usually have bad eyesight, do not put your hands close to their mouths so that they would not bite you.

4. Do not feed them with snacks, bread or something they should not eat, as their stomach can get easily upset. (Rabbit food is available to purchase at the island the visitor center)

5. To protect bunnies, do not bring dogs (Assistance dogs are allowed)


The island can be reached by ferry from Tadanoumi port (Hiroshima prefecture). Tadanoumi port is located 7 mins away from JR Tadanoumi station (1.5hrs from Hiroshima station)

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