Takashi Murakami Flower Parent and Child Cafe 2021

Takashi Murakami’s Flower Cafe to Open at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo for a Limited-Time

Roppongi Hills has been teaming up with the famous Japanese contemporary artist, Takashi Murakami for ROPPONGI HILLS TAKASHI MURAKAMI PROJECT since November 2020, featuring exclusive contents to appreciate wonderful artworks of Takashi Murakami such as the 10 tall golden “Flower Parent and Child” statue, limited products in collaboration with popular brands in Roppongi Hills and the flower afternoon tea and special stay plans at Grand Hyatt Tokyo. And an additional to this special project, Takashi Murakami’s flower themed pop-up cafe is opening for a limited time.

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The cafe will open at Hills Cafe/Space on 2F of the Hillside area from 5 March to 4 April 2021. It offers various cute and colourful dishes and drinks with Takshi Murakami’s famous flower motif, which are associated with the theme of Parent and Child. The lineup includes Flower Parent and Child Burger, Salmon and Salmon Roe Plate and Children’s Plate.

Inside the cafe, there is a Takashi Murakami’s merchandise store, Tonari no Zingaro POP UP STORE that offers a variety of flower motif products including sticker, cushion, mug, face mask and keyring. Some products are available with a limited number, so visit the store before it’s too late if you are a fan of Takashi Murakami!

On top of that, 12 stores from Roppongi Hills are collaborating with Takashi Murakami and offering limited-edition products. More items have been released recently and over 50 items will be on sale by the end of June 2021. You can check the full lineup of limited products from the official website (https://www.roppongihills.com/en/sp/takashimurakamiproject/limiteditem/)

-Flower Parent and Child Cafe

Location: Hills Cafe/Space at Roppongi Hills

Map: http://bit.ly/3c2YQPh

Date: 5 March to 4 April 2021

Hours: 11:00~23:00 (cafe)/11:00~19:00 (shop)

Official Website: https://www.roppongihills.com/en/sp/takashimurakamiproject/flowercafe/

*Opening dates and hours may change due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Please check the official website before visiting.

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