Shirahige Shrine : The Hidden Floating Torii Gate

Shirahige Shrine with the massive floating torii gate is the true hidden gem in Japan

This magnificent view of the floating torii gate can be seen at Shirahige Shrine (白鬚神社). This actually looks similar to the one at Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima island, Hiroshima, but this one is located in Shiga prefecture. The floating gate of Shirahige Shrine stands on Lake Biwa, the biggest lake in Japan.

The main hall of the shrine is located inland opposite the floating torii gate. Shirahige Shrine has accordingly over 1900 years history and is known for the divine favour for long life, health and safety. It has been popular as a power spot among locals but because of the magnificent view of the floating torii gate, more and more tourists started visiting in a past couple of years.

Shirahige Shrine is not very easy to access with public transport and it’s much better if you drive, but it’s totally worth questing for. The nearest station (Oumitakashima Station) is accessible from Kyoto. If you wish to capture the special moment, we recommend you to get there before sunrise in early morning. The view of the sun rising behind the majestic torii gate is just breathtaking.


Access: 30 mins walk or 5 mins by taxi from JR Oumitakashima Station (40 mins from Kyoto Station by JR Kosai Line)

Hours: Always open

Fee: Free

Official Website:

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