Shinjuku Minami Lumi Winter Illumination 2023-2024

Winter Illumination at Shinjuku Station South Exit: Shinjuku Southern Terrace, Suica Penguin Square, Shinjuku Takashimaya Times Square and more

Light-up events became a winter tradition in Japan, and beautiful winter lights can be enjoyed at many locations during the season. Especially in Tokyo, a large number of illumination events are held at districts and facilities across the city and some of them draw a large crowds such as Shibuya Blue Cave and Roppongi Hills.

One of the most popular winter illumination events in Tokyo, “Shinjuku Minami Lumi” will be held in Shinjuku from mid November 2023 to mid February 2024. A romantic illumination can be enjoyed at several locations in the area across JR Shinjuku Station south exit including Shinjuku Southern Terrace, Suica Penguin Square and Shinjuku MAYNDS Tower.

During the event, a variety of illuminations can be enjoyed at each venue around Shinjuku Station south exit such as a welcome gate at Suica Penguin Square where you will be greeted by adorable penguins  right in front of the exit, and decorated Christmas trees at several locations including Shinjuku Takashimaya Times Square, Shinjuku MAYNDS Tower and Shinjuku Miraina Tower.

One of the main sites,  Shinjuku Southern Terrace features a dynamic production using the Twinkly Lighting System, providing an immersive experience that draws you into the twinkle world. Also a large wing illumination will appear for the first time as well as an immersive illumination that lights up when you wave your hand over it.

-Shinjuku Minami Lumi


Access: Short Walk from Shinjuku Station South Exit

Date: 17 November 2023 to 25 December 2024

Hours: 17:00〜24:00

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