Shin Udon: Freshly Made Udon in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Shin Udon (慎 うどん) : One of the best Udon restaurants in Tokyo serving fresh Udon noodle

Shin Udon (慎 うどん) is a small Udon restaurant located off the main street in Shinjuku. Shin Udon has been gaining great reviews for their freshly made Udon noodle and a variety of side Tempura dish. The owner takes his pride to serve the best Udon dish for his guests and it has been really successful.


Access: 7 mins walk from JR Shinjuku station south exit

Hours: 11:00~23:00 (~24:00 on weekends)

Budget: Less than 1,000 yen

Genre: Udon

Official Website:

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