Ramen Kiraku : Old-Established Ramen Restaurant in Shibuya

Kiraku: Try an authentic Japanese Ramen at one of the oldest Ramen restaurants in Tokyo!

Wanna try an authentic Japanese Ramen??

Kiraku (喜楽) is one of the oldest Ramen restaurants in Tokyo, which was originally established in 1952  in Shibuya area. Kiraku has been serving the simple, yet delicious never changing Ramen dish for over 60 years. Their best selling Ramen dish is “Moyashi Wantan Men” (Ramen with beansprout and wonton dumplings), which is served with chicken stock based clear soup. It has been beloved by local fans for many years, and today many people come to taste this legendary bowl of Ramen across Japan.

While rich taste and voluminous style have been the mainstream of Japanese Ramen for the past decades, if you are a true Ramen lover, try this authentic Japanese Ramen!


Access: 6 mins walk from JR Shibuya station East exit

Hours: 11:30~20:30 (Closed on Wendnesday)

Budget: Less than 1,000 yen

Genre: Ramen

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