Bistro 35 Steps : Lively Izakaya in Shibuya, Tokyo

Bistro 35 Steps: Traditional Japanese style gastropub “Izakaya” in Shibuya, Tokyo

Bistro 35 Steps (ビストロ 三十五段屋) is Japanese style gastropub “Izakaya” located in the basement of the building (literally, 35 steps down) near Shibuya Station. Among hundreds of Izakaya and bars crammed in the district, Bistro 35 Steps is a top choice among both locals and tourists and always crowded with the bustling atmosphere.

Bistro 35 Steps fascinates customers with the high quality and creative Japanese dishes, mainly seafood at affordable prices. The dishes are cooked at the open kitchen, and you can watch the dynamic movements of chefs cooking. If you visit there, you should definitely try grilled dishes which are their signatures and cooked by burners right in front of customers.


Access: 7 mins walk from JR Shibuya Station Hachiko exit

Hours: 17:30~23:30

Budget: 3,000 yen~

Genre: Izakaya, Seafood

Official Website:

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