BLACOWS: Gourmet Wagyu Burger in Shibuya, Tokyo

BLACOWS: Popular Burger Shop Serving Delicious 100% Japanese Black Waguy Patty

BLACOWS (ブラッカウズ) is an American style burger restaurant produced by the famous Wagyu Beef restaurant, Meet Yazawa. It’s located in Shibuya area, Tokyo accessible from Diakanyama Station and Ebisu Station. BLACOWS is one of the best places to taste the gourmet Wagyu Burger in Tokyo, serving the mightiest burgers with selected ingredients at the perfect balance. Their beef patty is made with 100% Japanese black Waguy meat. Other premium ingredients for the burger are buns made by the collaboration with the famous bakery, MAISON KAYSER, 100% domestic vegetables and homemade sauce. Burgers are available with a choice of various toppings including cheese, bacon and avocado. Juicy and delicate taste of the burger would be a new burger experience for all!



Access: 5 mins walk from Ebisu Station or Daikanyama Station

Weekdays Lunch 11:30~16:00, Dinner 18:00~23:00
Weekends Lunch 11:30~16:00, Dinner 16:00~23:00

Budget: 2,000 yen~

Closed: Tuesday

Genre: Burger, Wagyu

Official Website:

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