Sanrio Puroland Halloween 2023

Puro Halloween in Sanrio Puroland, Tokyo

The Sanrio-themed amusement park, Sanrio Puroland is one of the most popular places to spend Halloween in Japan. The special even for Halloween, “Puro Halloween” is held annually at the park and it will be back in 2023 autumn, featuring Kuromi as a main character with a special theme of “Kuromi x Black x Witch”.

Sanrio Puroland’s Puro Halloween will offer various special events and contents park-wide including parade, show, greeting and photo spots. Your favourite Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll and Pompompurin will be dressed in special Halloween costumes. There will be also a Halloween theme food menu available in park’s restaurants and cafes as well as limited-edition merchandise sold at the stores.

Puro Halloween will kick off on 8th September and be held until 31st October 2023. Let’s check out the special programs we can enjoy at Sanrio Puroland this year as well as the Halloween theme food and merchandise!

Makkuro Halloween Party


The “Makkuro Halloween Party” will be the first parade in three years held at Puro Village, featuring witch Kuromi as a main character with other Sanrio characters and entertainers dressed as witches and wizards. Guests can join the party by bringing the Makkuromi Stick

-Promise of Wizard Collaboration

Puroland is collaborating with the popular game app Promise of Wizard this year and there will be plenty of contents to enjoy such as the special illumination show with an original story, narration, merchandise, food menu and displays of life-size panel of characters.

-Photo Spots

The Rainbow Hall located at the entrance of the park on the 3rd floor and the Character Food Court on the 1st floor will have a Halloween decoration where you can take a special photos.

-Puro Halloween Special Greeting


The “Puro Halloween Special Greeting” offers guests a special opportunity to spend one minute with Sanrio characters dressed in Halloween costumes including Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Cinnamoroll. It’s recommended to participate in Halloween theme outfits, so you can definitely take special photos with characters. When you join the greeting, you’ll also receive a sticker set as a gift! (*advanced reservation is required)

-Halloween Food and Drink Menu


A total of 14 Halloween themed foods, desserts, and drinks will be available for a limited time such as Kuromi Curry, Badtz-Maru Noodles, Cinnamoroll Parfait and Hello Kitty Mont Blanc Cake. Enjoy the taste of autumn with cute and photo-worthy Sanrio character food only this time of the year!

-Halloween Merchandise


There will be 7 limited-edition items sold at the park’s shop, featuring a special Halloween design with characters in witch and wizard dresses such as clear file, keyring, pouch and cookies.

-Puro Halloween 2023

Date: 8 September to 31 October 2023


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