Odaiba Winter illumination 2019

2019–2020 Tokyo Winter Illumination: Illumination Island Odaiba 2019

Illumination Island Odaiba 2019 (イルミネーションアイランドお台場) is one of the best winter illumination events in Tokyo, which takes place at 10 different locations in Odaiba area from 15 November to 25 December 2019. You can enjoy various types of illuminations collaborating with shopping malls, landmarks and other facilities in Odaiba area this winter!

イルミネーションアイランドお台場2019 実行委員会


イルミネーションアイランドお台場2019 実行委員会

“AQUA CITY ODAIBA Seaside Illumination” will be held from early December. Over 300,000 LED lights are used for the illumination at AQUA CITY ODAIBA (アクアシティお台場), the popular waterfront shopping mall in Odaiba area. The main light-up stretches for about 230 m at the seaside deck on 3F.

Date: early to 25 December

Time: 16:30~24:00


イルミネーションアイランドお台場2019 実行委員会

DECKS TOKYO BEACH (デックス東京ビーチ) will be featuring over 220,000 LED lights which lighten up a spectacular Christmas Tree (20 m high x 10 m wide) and the 200 m long avenue with illuminated trees.

Date: early December 2019 to 31 January 2020

Time: Sunset to 24:00

3. Venus Fort

イルミネーションアイランドお台場2019 実行委員会

Venus Fort (ヴィーナスフォート) is a shopping mall with a medieval European decor in Odaiba. It’s celebrating its 20th anniversary with the special illumination with classical warm colour lights and mirror balls with the theme of “Arigato” “Harmony” and “Heartfull”.

Date: early November 2019 to mid March 2020

Time: 11:00~23:00

4. DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

イルミネーションアイランドお台場2019 実行委員会

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza (ダイバーシティ東京 プラザ)’s Christmas illumination will be collaborating with the famous landmark, the gigantic statue of UNICORN GUNDAM

Date: –

Time: 17:00~23:00


Special light-ups will be held at four locations of FUJI TV (フジテレビ) headquarters: the large staircase, small staircase, tube escalator, and Sphere observation room “Hachitama” in rainbow colors. The Hachitama will be open for 2 weeks from 14 to 28 December at night (18:00~20:00).

Date: 30 November 2019 to 24 February 2020

Time: 16:30~23:00

6. Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba

イルミネーションアイランドお台場2019 実行委員会

The theme of Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba (グランドニッコー東京 台場)’s Christmas illumination is “SNOWY GARDEN”, and there is a photo spot at outside of the atrium in the hotel.

Date: 16 November 25 December

Time: Sunset to 23:00

7. Palette Town Ferris Wheel

Palette Town Ferris Wheel (パレットタウン大観覧車) is one of the iconic landmarks in Odaiba area. It’s 115m high and offers the stunning overlooking view of Tokyo City and the bay area. The Ferris wheel will be lit up with Christmas version light and beautifully color the winter night sky in Odaiba.

Date: early November to 25 December

Time: Sunset to 22:00


A variety of Christmas ornaments and lights will decorate the entire building of MEGA WEB (メガウェブ) during the Christmas season.

Date: 13 November to 25 December

Time: 11:00~21:00

9. Yurikamome

イルミネーションアイランドお台場2019 実行委員会

Yurikamome (ゆりかもめ) is the getaway connecting Shimbashi and Odaiba. Several spots at Shimbashi Station will be illuminated during the Christmas season, and welcome you to Odaiba with Christmassy mood. You also enjoy the view of Odaiba from the window while riding.

Date: 25 November to 25 December

Time: 17:00 to last train

10. Rinkai Line Tokyo Teleport Station

The nearest station to Odaiba area, Tokyo Teleport Station by Rinkai Line (りんかい線 東京テレポート駅) will welcome visitors with a decorated Christmas tree at Odaiba SKY Tourist Information.

Date: 15 November to 25 December

Time: 16:00~23:00


イルミネーションアイランドお台場2019 実行委員会

+ Rainbow Bridge Special Light-up

イルミネーションアイランドお台場2019 実行委員会

From 7 December 2019 to 5 January 2020, the special “rainbow colour” light-up will be available at the Rainbow Bridge, which can be seen from many locations in Odaiba including the Yurikamome train.

Thanks for reading! Illumination Island Odaiba 2019 will be held in Odaiba from 15 November to 25 December 2019 winter! If you wish to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tokyo at night, don’t miss this spectacular illumination event this winter!

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