Best New Year’s Eve Countdown Events in Japan 2023–2024

Best Countdown Parties on New Year’s Eve in Japan 2023–2024

If you are going to spend the Christmas/New Year holiday in Japan, do you also have a plan where and how to celebrate the coming of 2024 New Year on the New Year’s Eve?

Numbers of exciting countdown events and parties are held at cities across the country on 31 December 2023 and it’s highly recommended to join one of them if you wish to have a special moment on the last day of the year and celebrate the coming year! In this article, I’m going to introduce some of the most exciting New Year’s Eve countdown events in Japan!

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Universal Studios Japan

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One of the most popular amusement parks in the world, Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in Osaka is hosting a one-night-only countdown event on New Year’s Eve, featuring stage shows and events of park’s most popular limited-time events this year including Minions, ONE PIECE and Halloween zombies and more. The event starts from 7pm on New Year’s Eve and the park will be open until 9pm next day, which means you can enjoy park’s attractions for 26 hours. Check the link below for more information about this year’s Universal Countdown Party!

Huis Ten Bosch

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Huis Ten Bosch is a theme park in Nagasaki Prefecture, recreating a Dutch town. The park is well-known for a large-scale illumination, decorating the entire park with approx 13 million LED lights at night. The park will celebrate the New Year with 8,000 fireworks displaying an astonishing scenery on the winter sky together with the traditional Dutch buildings and the colourful illumination. There will be also a live concert on that night and park’s popular attractions can be enjoyed until 2am exclusively.

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Kobe Countdown 2024 Drone Light Show & Fireworks

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Kobe Countdown 2024 Drone Light Show & Fireworks is a countdown event, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Kobe Fruit & Flower Park in Kobe City. The event features a drone light show with 500 drones, 700 fireworks, liver concert of various musicians, food booths and the largest-scale illumination in Kansai region. Check the ticket information for this event from the link below!

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New Year Cruise

Board on a luxury cruise and sail around the Tokyo Bay with exclusive buffet style dinner and live music. You can enjoy amazing views with some Tokyo’s landmarks such as Rainbow bridge, Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree while celebrating the New Year. Besides the countdown cruise, a first sunrise cruise is also available, departing in early morning to capture the very first sunrise of the year.

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Legoland Japan

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The Lego themed amusement park in Nagoya City, Legoland Japan is hosting a family-friendly countdown event “Kids Countdown 2024” on the New Year’s Eve. The event features an entertainment show of dance performances by Legoland’s characters and staffs as well as effects of fireworks, light and sound. There will be a large mosaic art of dragon (the zodiac animal of 2024) made of 38,000 pieces of Lego bricks as well as the Lego-made Kadomatsu, a traditional Japanese decoration for New Year.

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Sagamiko Illumillion


Sagamiko Illumillion is a winter illumination event held at Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest in Sagamihara City Kanagawa Prefecture, featuring approx 6 million LED lights. The countdown event, Sagamiko Illumillion Countdown Party will be hosted with live performances of DJs, bands and idols as well as fireworks to celebrate the countdown moment. Enjoy the fun event in the magical wonderland created by millions of colourful LED lights!

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Yokosuka Countdown

Yokosuka Countdown is a New Year’s Eve event held at Verny Park, the harbor front park in Yokosuka City Kanagawa Prefecture. The event features live stage performances, food trucks, illumination on navy vessel, mikoshi ceremony with portable shrine and fireworks over the port.

Sunrise Flight

Do you want to watch the very first sunrise of the year in the most extraordinary way? The New Year’s sunrise flight is available, leaving at Tokyo Narita Airport and taking passengers to the wonderful trip in the sky. You can watch the New Year’s sunrise from above the clouds and panoramic view of Mt Fuji. Check the link below for more info and book this exclusive flight!

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Hatsumode, the first visit to a shrine or temple in the new year, is the most common and traditional custom to celebrate the year new in Japan. Many shrines and temples get crowded from the night of New Year’s Eve by prayers who throw coins and make wishes for the new year. You can learn more about Hatsumode in Japan and where to go for Hatsumode from the link below.

How would like to celebrate the 2024 New Year?? It’s the most exciting and festive time of the year in Japan, so let’s go big and party all night long at one of these countdown events! For more information about holiday season in Japan, please check out useful links listed below!

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