How to Get to T Care Clinic from Daimon Station

Direction from Daimon to T care clinic

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For those who don’t know, T Care Clinic is a clinic located in Hamamatsucho (Tokyo) that is dedicated to doing PCR tests and negative certificates for travel in English and Japanese. Opening hours are from 11:00 to 19:00 on weekdays, but a prior reservation is required.

If you want more information about the clinic, you can read this article:

Nowadays, the vast majority of countries ask for a negative COVID-19 certificate to let you in, and each country has its rules on how many hours before it has to be done and by what method, saliva or nasopharyngeal swab.

At the T Care clinic they have both methods available, plus an antibody test also available and they can be done in about 10 minutes.. The tests are also available for those people who don’t have to travel but want to confirm that they don’t have the virus for their own peace of mind.

▽This is the review of the PCR test in the clinic.▽

How to Get to T Care Clinic from Daimon (Subway: Toei Asakusa Line or Oedo Line) Station

▼1. Get off the subway at the Daimon station, take exit A1 (as shown in the picture below).

After getting out of the gate from your subway line, look at the direction board to find the exit A1 in order to go to T Care Clinic.

T Care Clinic from Daimon Station

2. Turn right when you leave the exit A1.

The picture below shows the ground view you will see.

Turn right AGAIN at the corner of the brown building with 秋田屋 white sign. 

This building is shown in the right side of the following picture.

T Care Clinic from Daimon Station

3. So you are suppose to be on this street.

T Care Clinic from Daimon Station

▼4. You will pass by a very large restaurant specialized in fish. Keep going.

T Care Clinic from Daimon Station

▼5. Keep going straight until you see the Parking and brown building in the end. 

clinic nearme

6 Turn left facing to the parking in front of you WITHOUT crossing the street.

This is the view to go after turning left. Keep going this way approx. 1 minute.

T Care Clinic from Daimon Station

7. You’ll see the T Care Clinic building on your right side.

It’s a black building with green-blue-white sign shown in the middle of the picture below. 

Enter from the right side entrance with stairs and go up to the second floor.

T Care Clinic from Daimon Station

T Care Clinic Hamamatsucho (Tokyo)

※Complete information in English available.

※Provide a negative test results certificate in English (travel certificate).

※Test site is easy to access and same-day testing is possible.

※Appointment is required. You can make an appointment from the official website.

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