New Hello Kitty Cafe in Narita International Airport 2020

A New Hello Kitty Theme Temporary Cafe to Open in Narita in 2020!

New Hello Kitty Cafe in Narita International Airport

Hello Kitty is without a doubt one of the most popular characters in the world and the flagship brand of Sanrio, the pioneering Japanese company of Japanese pop culture which has been produced numbers of popular characters besides Hello Kitty such as Cinnamoroll, My Melody and Pompompurin. The limited-time Hello Kitty Cafe opened at Narita Anime Deck this July 3 and it would be open until October 2 from this year! You can have a nice experience and try delicious food and drinks with motif of this adorable character!

Narita Anime Deck

Narita Anime Deck opened in November 2019 and is located on the second floor of the Narita International Airport Terminal 2. It’s an entertainment facility dedicated to Japanese pop culture like anime and characters. You can find themed cafes and restaurants, merchandise shops and more! They also have some great photo spots. The Narita Anime Deck it’s outside the restricted area of the airport, so you don’t need to take a flight to enjoy this places! You can just go from Tokio to spend the day there, for example. 

Here are some of the delicious, exclusive and photo-worthy food and drinks that are going to be served at the Hello Kitty Cafe at Narita Airport!

left to right:
Hello Kitty’s Lovely Pink Curry: 1,500 yen
Hello Kitty’s Gurakoro Burger: 1,500 yen
Hello Kitty’s Strawberry Pancake: 1,400 yen
Hello Kitty’s Strawberry Parfait: 1,200 yen

left to right:
Hello Kitty Latte: 720 yen
Hello Kitty Marshmallow Coffee: 800 yen
Hello Kitty Colorful Tapioca Drink: 720 yen

This time they don’t have a special themed merchandising, but if you order something from the  collaboration menu you will receive one Hello Kitty special design coaster! The designs change every month, so if you go multiple times, you can get different designs. But you can’t choose which coasters you want, instead the staff will randomly give you one.

left to right:
From July 3 to August 2
From August 3 to September 2
From September 3 to October 2

-HELLO KITTY CAFE Narita Airport Anime Deck

Period: July 3, 2020- October 2, 2020
Access: 5 mins walk from Narita Airport Terminal 2・3 Station
Hours: 10:00~20:00 (Food L.O. 19:30)

Official Website:

Most of character cafes in Japan are temporary, so that means that they only open for a limited time and they use to be collaboration with other companies. Generally these temporary cafes must be reserved well in advance as the places are sold out immediately and you may be unable to go.

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But luckily not all are like this and there are also permanent cafes, which are easier to go to visit (although usually an appointment is also needed, especially the first months of opening which is when everyone wants to go)

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Thanks for reading!  For more information about character cafes or Sanrio-themed places please check out these articles, too!

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