Ginza Restaurant Guide-vol.23: Ginza Kamo Soba Kyudaime Keisuke

Ginza Kamo Soba Kyudaime Keisuke: Unique Ramen Shop in Ginza, Tokyo

Ginza Kamo Soba Kyudaime Keisuke (銀座 鴨そば 九代目けいすけ) is a Ramen restaurant in Ginza area, Tokyo’s new competitive Ramen district. The restaurant offers unique flavour-rich duck based stock Ramen. Two types of Ramen area available with light or thick soup made from 100% duck broth, topped with slices of roasted duck. Besides Ramen, other duck dishes are also served such as Tsuke Soba (dipping noodle), Abura Soba (soup-less oil noodle) and Kamoju (rice topped with slices of duck).


Access: 3 mins walk from Higashi Ginza Station

Hours: 11:00~23:00


Budget: Less than 1,000 JPY~

Genre: Ramen

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