8 Female-Only Hotels in Osaka

List of Osaka's Hotels for Women (Safe, Convenient, and Clean)

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Traveling to Osaka with your female friends?
Even if it’s a group or solo female traveler. As a woman, it is more fun and exciting to stay in a place that is nice, clean, safe, and with privacy, Yes, women like privacy.

In Japan, there are many places such as hotels/capsules, accommodations, and dormitory rooms that are exclusive for women only. And in this article, I will share with you some hotels in Osaka exclusively for females. If you are looking for places to stay you can check the list below. This is our list of 8 female-only hotels in Osaka.

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1. Guesthouse Ten-Roku-Female Only

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Copyright Guest House Tenroku since 2015

Guesthouse Ten-Roku is a typical Japanese-style house accommodation with a dormitory room for women only. Their front desk assistance is available 24 hours and they can guide you and provide information about Osaka. You can also enjoy other services such as bicycle rental if you want to explore the place by cycling. The location is good near museums and shrines.

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2. Imazato Guesthouse Female-Only

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Imazato Guest House is a traditional Japanese-style house and budget hotel for females only. Here, you can enjoy your stay even as a solo female traveler or group. They also offer relaxing services such as a nail salon that is also operated by the hotel. The location is also good near the famous destination Osaka Castle.

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3. Hotel Atarayo Osaka (Female Floor Only available)

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©2023 Hotel atarayo Osaka

The Atarayo Hotel is a modern hotel that offers many types of plans to stay for customers. Although it is not an exclusive hotel for women, it has facilities or places for ladies only. So if you are a single female traveler you can enjoy staying here without any worries, the hotel is safe and every room is relaxing; they also have shared rooms for groups of friends.

The location is very convenient close to shopping districts and famous tourist destinations in Osaka.

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4. Hotel Unizo Osaka Shinsaibashi (Ladies Floor Only)

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© UNIZO Hotel Company, Limited

The Hotel Unizo Osaka Shinsaibashi is just one of many branches in Japan. It is a modern and premium hotel with a restaurant and cafe. It has facilities and rooms for ladies only added security for the female guest to enjoy their stay.

The hotel offers a variety of plans with amenities and services for all the guests. The location is very convenient and close to the train station and shopping districts.

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5. Hotel J-ship Osaka Namba (Female-Floor Only)

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J-Ship Hotel in Osaka Namba is a modern Japanese-style cabin and capsule hotel in the center of Namba near the station. The hotel is an elegant lodging with relaxing facilities for guests.

Although it is not an exclusive hotel for women, it has a separate floor for female guests with safety features such as floor security cards that can only used here. You can also enjoy their relaxing amenities and facilities for women.

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6. The Stay Osaka Shinsaibashi (Dormitory Rooms for Females)

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The STAY Osaka Shinsaibashi is a modern guesthouse that offers a variety of room types from dormitory rooms to private rooms.

This is NOT a hotel for women only but they have a choice of rooms for women or dormitory rooms for groups of friends who are female guests. You can enjoy their facilities such as bar, lounge, and kitchen & dining. For groups and families, this is one of the great places to stay when you are planning to explore or visit Osaka.

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7. Hotel Mitsuwaya Osaka (Dormitory Room for Women)

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Hotel Mitsuwaya Osaka is a hostel accommodation that offers plans for each guest that provides a comfortable and relaxing stay. They have several beds available in one dormitory room and they have exclusive dormitory rooms for women only which is good for solo female travelers. The location is very convenient close to shopping districts in Osaka.

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8. Osaka Tomato Hostel

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Copyright © 2023 Osaka Tomato Guesthouse

The Osaka Tomato Hostel is one of the most economical guesthouses to stay in Osaka. They have shared rooms for females only where you can enjoy and relax without worrying even if you are a solo traveler.

Here you can experience the typical Japanese house style. The location is good as well near Osaka’s tourist destination. This place is good if you are looking for a quick escape to Osaka on a budget for solo or groups.

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