Detective Conan Cafe in Japan 2021

Detective Conan Theme Cafe to Open in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Sapporo in 2021

Case Closed (a.k.a. Detective Conan) is one of the most popular Japanese anime/manga series of all time, which has been serialized since 1994 and sold over 230 million copies worldwide so far.

The 24th movie of the Detective Conan franchise “The Scarlet Bullet” was originally scheduled to be released last year, however, due to the influence of the new coronavirus pandemic, the release date was pushed to April 2021.

To celebrate this long-awaited movie release, the Detective Conan Cafe will open in Japan for a limited time, not only in one location but at 7 sites in 4 cities across the country. Detective Conan Cafe 2021 will first open in Tokyo on 24 March 2021, followed by Osaka, Hokkaido and Nagoya.

The main theme of the cafe is “Retro Diner” which is inspired by 50s and 60s’ American diner with the original illustrations of characters with retro fashion. The cafe will be offering a variety of food and drinks from the American diner menu, the classic Detective Conan Cafe menu and the commemorative menu for the new movie release. Besides themed dishes and drinks, the exclusive cafe merchandise and special gifts for visitors will be also available.

Let’s have a look at what Detective Conan Cafe 2021 offers!

-Food and Drink Menu


▲ left to right
Burgers 1,599 yen each (+500 yen with keyring)
Sundae 1,099 yen (+500 yen with keyring)
Soda 899 yen (+500 yen with keyring)


©青山剛昌/小学館・読売テレビ・TMS 1996

▲ APTX 4869 Curry 1,499 yen

©青山剛昌/小学館・読売テレビ・TMS 1996

▲ left to right
Columbo Meat Sauce Pasta 1,499 yen
Enma Daio Ramen 1,099 yen
Cafe Poirot Sandwich 1,399 yen

©青山剛昌/小学館・読売テレビ・TMS 1996

▲ left to right
Ai Haibara’s Berry Cheese French Toast 1,299 yen
Ran’s Lemon Pie 1,499 yen
Hiroshi Agasa’s Pancake Ver.2 1,199 yen

©青山剛昌/小学館・読売テレビ・TMS 1996

▲Criminal’s Black Sesame Strawberry Au Lait 999 yen (+1,400 yen with mug)

©青山剛昌/小学館・読売テレビ・TMS 1996

▲ left to right
Lefty Cafe Latte 899 yen
Boy Detective Shake 1,099 yen
Ran’s Berry Jelly Soda 999 yen
Shuichi Akai’s Bottle Drink (Black Tea, Red Tea, Pink Tea) 1,699 yen

MOVIE MENU (16 April to 31 May 2021)

©青山剛昌/小学館・読売テレビ・TMS 1996

▲ left to right
Akai Family’s Plate 1,499 yen
Grilled Eel and Sauce Rice 1,699 yen
Shukichi and Yumi’s Delicious Shortcake 1,399 yen
Scarlet Ogura Strawberry Toast 1,599 yen

KAITO KID & CREATOR AOYAMA BIRTHDAY MENU (from 1 June to 11 July 2021)

©青山剛昌/小学館・読売テレビ・TMS 1996

▲ left to right
Jewel Garden Salad 1,499 yen
Magic Spice Par Fait 1,299 yen
Creator Aoyama Birthday Curry 1,399 yen

SHUICHI AKAI MENU SEASON 1 (1 July to 15 August 2021)

SHUICHI AKAI MENU SEASON 2 (from 16 August to 26 September 2021)

-Cafe Merchandise

▲left to right
Tin Badge 450 yen
Coaster 800 yen
Mini Acrylic Stand 900 yen

▲left to right
Magnet 500 yen
Clear File 300 yen

▲left to right
Bandana 1,500 yen
Eco Bag 1,850 yen
Chocolate Tin 1,600 yen

Moreover, there are some special gifts for visitors who make an advance reservation (available from the official website: and order food and drink from the menu.

-Customers who make pre-booking (550 yen+tax per person) and order from the menu will receive one of original stickers chosen randomly from 24 designs.

-Customers who eat or drink at the cafe will receive one of luncheon mats chosen randomly from 4 designs.

-Customers who order a drink will receive one of original coasters chosen randomly from 24 designs.

©青山剛昌/小学館・読売テレビ・TMS 1996

<Detective Conan Cafe 2021>

-Tokyo (3 locations)

Omotesando venue
Location: TOKYO BOX cafe&space Omotesando Store
Date: 24 March to 27 June 2021

Shinjuku venue
Location: BOX cafe&space Shinjuku Mylord Store
Date: 16 April to 26 September 2021

Oshiage venue
Location: TOKYO BOX cafe&space Tokyo Solamachi Store
Date: 16 Aprl to 11 July 2021


Location: NAGOYA BOX cafe&space A
Date: 8 April to 11 July 2021

-Osaka (2 locations)

Abeno venue
Location: Abeno contact
Date: 25 March to 27 June 2021

Umeda venue
Date: 27 March to 26 September 2021


Location: Cafe Interlude Coach & Four Shinkawa-Dori Store
Date: 1 April to 27 June 2021

Official Website:

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