Saga is located on the northernmost of Kyushu. If you are into archeology, you will love the Yoshinogari Historical Park, which is the largest archeological remains from the Yayoi period. One of the cultural contributions that Saga people are most proud of is their pottery. Arita Ware and Imari Ware are some of the world-renowned pottery. You can find a wide range of pottery here; from daily-use plates and cups to art pieces for display. Also, there are many places you can go to enjoy nature such as historical Onsen running from over 1,000 years ago and famous spots to go and see cherry blossoms.


10 Best Things to Do in Saga


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Yutoku Inari Shrine: Gorgeous Inari Shrine in Saga, Kyushu

Photo on top: Created by modifying "佐賀県 武雄の流鏑馬" (© 武雄市 (Licensed under CC BY 4.0))