Need COVID-19 PCR tests in Haneda airport? READ this before booking!

2 Clinics at Haneda Airport which can take the PCR test.

PCR test

With the increasing number of people who contact Clinic Nearme for urgent support for their last-minute PCR test and valid certificate for their international travel, we decided to write this article to avoid further confusions.

Depending on your destination country’s COVID-19 related entry requirements to show negative certificate issued within a certain time frame at your boarding and customs clearance, some of you may have to use the airport COVID-19 PCR test center in Haneda.

Please note there are TWO different PCR test facilities in Haneda airport. And learn the service difference to have an appropriate certificate for your purpose.

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1. Toho University Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Clinic

Toho-University PCR Test at Haneda Airport

– Certificate issuance in English for international travel available

– Saliva-based tests only

– Advanced booking needed

Contact online or phone for more details

Toho University Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Clinic

2. Kinoshita Group COVID PCR Center (Terminal a and 2)

Kinoshita-Haneda-PCR Center

You might get excited when you first find them because they offer quick PCR or rapid antigen tests with the very speedy process and with quite budget-friendly prices. But if you need COVID-19 PCR tests for your international travel, DO CAREFULLY READ the following facts.

First, note that their services are for domestic passengers or business purpose people. The negative certificates they issue are ALL in JAPANESE ONLY with quite limited contents such as your name, tested date, test result, test method. Most of the countries that require COVID-19 PCR-tested negative certificates requests your passport number, full passport name, nationality, facility name/contact, facility seal, etc. shown on your certificate, unless otherwise, it will not be accepted as a valid certificate for entry.

Unless you are in Haneda airport for your domestic transportation and need a quick COVID-19 PCR test result to show to attend/visit certain event/location that requests PCR negative proof, we have to alert you that their services are not quite suitable for your international travel.

Kinoshita Group COVID PCR Center (Terminal a and 2)

Hope this is helpful for the travelers who are flying from Haneda airport.

Now let us happily remind you Clinic Nearme‘s English certificates are valid covering countries all over the world with English, Spanish, Korean and Japanese customer service desk. We’re already standing-by for you all year round!

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