Bubble Tea in Shin Okubo, Shinkjuku, Tokyo

Best Bubble Tea in Tokyo’s Korean Town, Shin Okubo

Bubble Tea (a.k.a. Boba, Tapioca Milk Tea, Pearl Milk Tea) is originally from Taiwan and but has become common worldwide now. It’s delicious, refreshing and instagram-worthy, Bubble Tea has been the most popular street snack in Tokyo in recent years. Numbers of bubble tea shops have opened in Tokyo, especially in places like Harajuku and Shibuya since they are the center of young generation in Tokyo.

But did you know there is one particular area in Tokyo which is becoming a hugely popular among teenagers?? It’s Shin Okubo, a.k.a. the Tokyo’s Korean Town. Shin Okubo is located near Shinjuku, one of the major tourist areas in Tokyo, and can be accessed by JR Yamanote Line (only one stop from Shinjuku Station). Surprisingly, quite a few bubble tea stores are located within Shin Okubo area where you can taste authentic and Instagram-worthy bubble tea drinks.   Today, I have listed the best bubble tea shops in Shin Okubo area, Tokyo!

1. Chatime <Closed>

Chatime (チャタイム) is a franchised bubble tea shop from Taiwan, and has several branches in Tokyo including Ginza and Ikebukuro. Various kinds of flavour tea and fruits drinks are available as well as toppings and customize your own drink. Chatime Shin Okubo store is easy to access both from Shin Okubo Station and Shinjuku Station.

Map: http://bit.ly/2AGLTIY

Access: 6 mins walk from JR Shin Okubo Station

Hours: 11:00~22:00

2. tapi-mo Shin Okubo Ekimae Store <Closed>

tapi-mo (タピモ 新大久保駅前店) is a newly opened food stand at Don Quijote Shin Okubo Ekimae Store, serving delicious desserts and drinks made with sweet potato and tapioca. The small sized bubble tea costs only 300 yen which could be the cheapest price in town! Stop by for delicious bubble tea after shopping at Don Quijote 🙂

Map: http://bit.ly/2M6qEoB

Access: 2 mins walk from JR Okubo Station or JR Shin Okubo Station

Hours: 11:00~22:00

3. Bull Pulu <Closed>

Bull Pulu (ブルプル) is a newly opened bubble tea shop on the Ikemen Dori Shopping Street in Shin Okubo. Delicious bubble tea and tapioca drinks are served in a cup printed with a cute bulldog. Large and rich black tapioca pearls are made in Taiwan with their own recipe.

Map: http://bit.ly/2RLHqhY

Access: 5 mins walk from JR Shin Okubo Station

Hours: 10:00~22:00

4. Wowcha

Wowcha (和宇茶) is a newly opened bubble tea shop with an unique cosmic interior with a large TV playing trendy K-pop music. There is also a food stand with various Korean street snacks and you can enjoy them together with bubble tea.

Map: http://bit.ly/2QHxtO5

Access: 6 mins walk from JR Shin OKubo Station

Hours: 10:00~2:00 am

5. Yutenten A Little Sweet <Closed>

Yutenten A Little Sweet (有點甜 A Little Sweet) is a cozy and spacious Taiwanese cafe serving homemade, additive-free Taiwanese desserts. Authentic and healthy Taiwanese desserts and drinks with tapioca pearl can be enjoyed.

Map: http://bit.ly/2H9AyXA

Access: 1 min walk from JR Okubo Station

Hours: 11:00~22:30

6. Kanchabou <Closed>

Kanchabou (閑茶坊) is a popular bubble tea store located in front of JR Okubo Station. Unlike many bubble tea shops in Tokyo, this one has a pretty specious seating space where you can sit and relax with delicious and instagram-worthy colourful tapioca drinks.

Map: http://bit.ly/2D66WGs

Access: Short walk from JR Okubo Station North Exit


7. Chakasho

Chakasho (茶加匠) is one of the most popular bubble tea stores in Tokyo, and the shop usually has a long queue outside. The bubble tea and tapioca drinks at Chakasho are made with finely selected ingredients, and the rich flavour and the amount of tapioca pearls are really outstanding. Beverage is available in hot or cold.

Map: http://bit.ly/2M4NQn1

Access: 1 min from JR Okubo Station or 3 mins walk from JR Shin Okubo Station


How did you enjoy the list?? Shin Okubo is one of the most trendy areas in Tokyo lately and has become extremely popular among teenagers! For more information about the latest food trends in Tokyo, please check out these articles, too!

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