Best WiFi for Online Games in Japan

How to Get an Internet Connection to Play Online Games in Japan

Best WiFi for Online Games in Japan

Residents in Japan are surrounded by a variety of things to do including eating delicious Japanese dishes, visiting historical sites, experiencing cutting-edge technologies, working and so on. They have got into watching videos on streaming subscription services and gaming online recently as other counties.

Japan has been known as home to video games as well as anime and manga releasing lots of game titles for consoles and computers and apps for mobile phones. A stable network connection is essential especially for online games, which have become much more popular.

For every game lover living in Japan, here are best WiFi options to get connected anytime. Now, you can play with anyone around the world with the Internet. To put it the other way around, it is too difficult to enjoy the hot games such as first shooters and massively multiplayer online role-playing games.

There are two major ways to get an Internet connection to play online games in relief: a home wireless router and a pocket WiFi. With other options like Free WiFi and tethering, you will lose your Internet connection quite often, which makes it impossible to play the games that need fast and stable connection all the time in a comfortable manner.

Let’s find the best Internet for you to play games in Japan!

Home Wireless Routers

Home WiFi Router

You should do everything possible to prepare a fixed home WiFi router if you are a game lover in Japan. It offers much more stable and stronger network connection than other Internet options, which is pleasant to play online games that require a great deal of data.

It takes a few months and costs tens of thousands yen to complete a WiFi installation in a lot of cases. For those who plan to live in Japan for a long time, it is worthy the costs of installation and monthly fee for the home WiFi.

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Pocket WiFi

Pocket WiFi Router

If it is not easy for you to set up a wireless device installed at home, a high-speed pocket WiFi can be an alternative to it. It may not be the best Internet option to play networked games that a large amount of data and ceaseless connection since the mobile device’s connection can be lost once in a while.

Of course, using portable WiFi routers is no problem to enjoy the games that do not synchronize data all the time. On the plus side, this handy device saves you both time and money to install a home Internet.

Many pocket WiFi rental companies in Japan offer high-performance modems at a discounted rate for not only short-term but long-term deals. Japan Wireless, one of the most popular Japanese pocket WiFi providers, has been chosen by lots of tourists, residents, students and business travelers from all over the world for this decade. You can use 4G LTE network with unlimited data with a Premium WiFi of Japan Wireless. Here is the exclusive coupon code available only for now: JPW001

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