ORBIS: Best Japanese Skin Care Brand for Sensitive Skin

Must-Buy Skin Care Products in Japan for Sensitive Skin

Do you have sensitive skin?? I myself have VERY sensitive skin that has been suffering from several skin problems such as dryness, acne,eczema, etc for many years. I have spent a lot of time for choosing the right skin care products for my skin.

Generally, “sensitive skin” is a skin condition that lacks of moisture due to the deterioration of the barrier function of the skin, and cause the weakness against external stimulation. With such condition, it’s easy for germs and allergens to get into the skin and cause various skin troubles such as itching and irritation. Moreover, when people with sensitive skin use wrong cosmetics and skin care products, they can cause worse results such as skin rashes and pimples.

Therefore, finding the right beauty products are the massive key for sensitive skin. In this article, I’d like share how to choose the products correctly from my own experiences, and introduce my recommended best Japanese skin care products for sensitive skin.

When I was suffering from rough skin, the first products that came across was the “ORBIS Skin Care Series”. This skin care series has been my favourite for over 10 years since my high school time! (Not saying the accurate years cos I don’t want you to guess my actual age lol)

Orbis cosmetics products are made with carefully selected ingredients, which are all oil-free, fragrance-free, and free of artificial colors. Products go through numbers of tests in order to verify the safety by literature and experiments including acne test (Non-comedogenic test). * NOTE: It does not mean that allergies or comedo do not occur to all people.

By the above tests, the ORBIS skin care products allow you to use them with confidence. Also, for me, two most important points on choosing skin care products are “Alcohol-free (some products)” or “Oil cut”. Choosing gentle beauty products that prevent skin trouble will definitely lead you to beautiful skin! So now, I am going to introduce the best skin care products of ORBIS that are highly recommended for sensitive skin.

1. AQUA FORCE series

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The AQUA FORCE series is the best selling skin care range by ORBIS. I have been a fan of this skin care series for several years since I was a high school student. Dryness is the worst enemy for your skin, and AQUA FORCE series is products that protect the skin from inner dryness, and keep moisture which leads to healthy skin. I have also noticed that the pores were becoming tightened while using these products.

ORBIS skin care ranges are available in two types: L for oily or combination skin and M for normal or dry skin. I have used both types according to the season. I used the L type during spring and summer to control sebum and sweat, and conversely, the M type during autumn and winter to prevent from dryness.

2. CLEAR series

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The CLEAR series is the skin care products that are specialized in acne problems and I currently use this series. Since I become a full-time worker, I have suffered from adult acne caused by changes of the environment and hormonal imbalance. So I decided to change the full skin care range from AQUA FORCE series to CLEAR series to more focus on acne treatments. After I started using them for a couple of weeks, I could see the good result as my rough skin got smoother all over. Occasionally, I have one or two pimples (due to lack of sleep etc.), but my skin feels much better with CLEAR series skin care products.

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Both AQUA FORCE and CLEAR series are recommended to use in 3 simple steps with a set of 3 skin care products: face wash~lotion~moisturiser. If you hesitate to purchase the set of full bottles, they are also available in trial kits which comes in small bottles for 3-week use with affordable price (1,200 yen).

If your skin condition is good, you will feel better too! When I was told “Your skin became beautiful!”, that was the moment I was really happy to meet these skin care products!


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The AQUA FORCE WHITE series is the newest skin care range by ORBIS that has been released in 2018 summer. The products help to protect your skin from the sun damages and create healthy skin to fight against the UV ray by brightening and moisturizing the skin even before irradiation.

AQUA FORCE WHITE series combines “Vitamin C derivative” and “Rapidly vitamin C derivative” that can suppress the formation of melanin, moreover, the products have a great penetrability that treats the skin speedy even after being exposed to sunlight.

I have chosen the alcohol-free M type since the L type contains ethanol. Although it is a moisture type, I noticed that the texture is more light and smooth than the moist type of other series I have used in past, which was a good thing to use it during summer without feeling greasy.

Unfortunately, no trial kits available for AQUA FORCE WHITE series, so I’d need to collect the full range one by one.

How did you enjoy reading my story? Of course, these skin care products may work differently on individual skins, however I would be very happy if this would help those who suffer from skin troubles just like me. On top of using the right skin care products, the daily life routine is also very important for skin including good quality sleep and what you eat!

Thank you for reading to the end, and I hope you liked it 🙂

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