ART AQUARIUM 2019: Eco Edo Nihonbashi

Eco Edo Nihonbashi ART AQUARIUM will be held in Tokyo 2019 Summer!

ART AQUARIUM is back in Tokyo 2019 summer! Don’t miss the beautiful collaboration of 10,000 goldfish and the colourful art installation. The Eco Edo Nihonbashi Art Aquarium is the coolest art event in Tokyo this summer!

Art Aquarium 2019 : Eco Edo Nihonbashi will be held in Tokyo this summer. The most artistic and evolving aquarium “Art Aquarium” has been held at several locations across Japan since 2011 welcoming over 9 millions visitors in total so far. The aquarium features the collaboration of the modern technology and the theme of Japanese traditional culture. This year, the largest number ever, over 10,000 goldfish will be displayed in various shaped fish tanks with special effects such as trick lights, projection mapping and art installation. It’s the most unique and artistic style of aquarium you can enjoy during summer in Tokyo.

Here are some of photos from Art Aquarium in the past summer:

At night, the Art Aquarium turns in to the coolest club venue in the city. Night Aquarium starts every evening at 7 pm, and guests can enjoy alcohol beverages while the venue features live performances of live DJs such as Takkyu Ishino and Ken Ishii, and the geisha show from Gion district in Kyoto. (some special events require additional fee).

Art Aquarium is available for the whole summer from 5th July till 23rd September 2019. If you are in Tokyo during this period, don’t miss a chance to witness the most artistic yet traditional aquarium!

< ART AQUARIUM Eco Edo Nihonbashi 2019 >


Date: 5th July to 23rd September 2019

Art Aquarium 11:00~19:00
Night Aquarium 19:00~22:30 (~23:30 on Saturday and day before holiday)


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